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FIFA 19 More National Teams Patch 2020 PC


25 June 2019
Warsaw, Poland
Poland NT
FIFA 19's MNT Patch 2020 PC statement:

Hello. In the beginning it was very nice mod as V2 made by Infinity Team which included for example Czech Republic's league. Benwin on that base made amaizing work adding new national teams as V3. For that reason I have decided to buy this FIFA 19 game. Recenlty we have spoken here with Alimps in private and we decided to improved this mod only for our own. But maybe we will decide to share. I made alone GIANT update as V4 and I removed all the bugs from V3 and improved as many things as possible:

1. Fixed all numbers bugs for footballers in formations like for example before often was: GK playing with 9, CF playing with 3 or CB playing with 10
2. Fixed all numbers on kits which covered logo of for example adidas, nike, puma, etc... for example: Finland
3. Fixed all bugs where kits's socks was from 1 company while kits's shorts and shirt was another company... for example: Belarus (Macron Shirt, Macron Shorts, Adidas Socks)
4. Improved all positions bugs for footballers in formations like before often was: GK playing as right back, CAM playing as central back or ST playing as left midifield
5. Fixed all short names on scoreboard according to FIFA codes, few examples: Azerbaijan AZJ->AZE, Nigeria AHL->NGA, San Marino SNM->SMR, Belarus BEL->BLR, etc...
6. All kits and minikits are now from ONE and the same company and all of them have been improved and changed
7. All national teams have been assigned to home stadium real or most similar to real... which is in FIFA 19 available
8. Home stadiums of all national teams have got now real life names besides assignments above
9. Fixed 0-3 bug in late years of career for small national teams which in that time around year 2030 have not got enough footballers to not lost a match as walkover lose
10. New graphics and new screens for this more national teams mod with WC Qatar 2022 motive
11. Added real kits and minikits for those teams which was ealier unlicensed like: Bolivia, Paraguy, Uruguay
12. Added new TV Logos
13. Improved all formations and squads of all national teams, old and new... all together
14. New national style adboards
15. All hairstyle large amount bugs of default long hair for new footballers have been fixed
16. Fixed colour of names and numbers on some kits's shirts on their back like for example: Bosnia or Moldova
17. All 55 national teams in UEFA zone are available in qualifiers for World Cup or European Championship in career mode
18. Career mode ends without any bugs of missing footballers from new national teams as it should in year 2032

All of those above I made alone just for myself as V4. But this is not the end. We spoke with Alimps here in private so we have got plans to cooperate together and make next versions V5 and V6 with new real life tournaments designed for national teams like RTWC Qatar 2022. If there will be a need and interest of People we can think to share our work.

FIFA 19's MNT Patch 2020 PC official video:

Only ENGLISH version compatibility!!!

How big is this patch? Basic and clear FIFA 19 after installation is 43,8 GB. After installation of this MNT Patch 2020 is 54,2 GB.

The installation method is simple. Files of MNT mod must be added by Frosty Mod Manager.

Patch will be publish to download for all of you for FREE on Sharemods in 7Z archive files. I do NOT want and accept ANY finnancial support beacause patch is for FREE for all People who love international football of national teams and your own National Team :)).

FIFA 19's MNT Patch 2020 PC features:

- Many new national teams full working in career mode indlucing all 55 national teams from UEFA zone for qualifiers of World Cup or European Championship
- FIFA 19 new look based on World Cup Qatar 2022's theme
- Fixed all the bugs and errors from ealier versions of V2 and V3
- Real names and most similar to real home national stadiums for all national teams
- Polsat Sport television logo
- Licensed clubs
- Improved database
- Updated kits for all national teams
- New flags
- New adboards
- New banners
- New gloves
- New boots

FIFA 19's MNT Patch 2020 PC credit list:

Infinity Team - V2
Benwin - V3
Fabrizzio1985 - V4

FIFA 19's MNT Patch 2020 PC download links:

https://sharemods.com/29gvdooozj5j/FIFA_19_MNT_Patch_2020_PC.7z.html (V4)

FIFA 19's MNT Patch 2020 PC install steps:

(FIFA 19's MNT Patch 2020's archive folder does NOT contain fifa19.exe file. To play MNT Patch it is necessary to have an original and legal version of the game!)

1. BUY the original and legal FIFA 19 game with ENGLISH language available (EA Sports - Respect for a such great football games like FIFA 15, FIFA 16, FIFA 19!)
2. Run Origin
3. Install new clear and English version of FIFA 19
4. Exit Origin
5. Delete ModData folder from FIFA 19 folder if this folder will be there
6. Run Origin in offline mode
7. Install Frosty Mod Manager and add those 6 files of MNT Patch 2020
8. Copy FIFA 19 folder from settings folder into C:\Users\YourAccountName\My Documents folder on partition C:\
9. After that launch the game from Frosty Mod Manager
10. Choose English in FIFA 19 in the beginning

I also add some pictures from this MNT Patch 2020 for FIFA 19 on PC. This is how the patch looks:

Greetings from Poland!


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25 June 2019
Warsaw, Poland
Poland NT
Remember this is a mod only made for ENGLISH and LEGAL version of FIFA 19 game from ORIGIN. Only for such version it will work fine. Last thing in the end...


Hope You All will enjoy more this great game of FIFA 19 especially now in a realistic career mode up to last possible season in year 2032. Greetings.
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25 June 2019
Warsaw, Poland
Poland NT
can it be possible make a fifa21 ANT mod this year available in career mode?
Hello. If You ask that it is possible to make such similar MNT mod then I will answer sure... it is possible. We have got various editing tools since time of FIFA 17 to edit these new EA Sports's games so also for FIFA 20 or FIFA 21 everybody with some good skills and konwledge in editing can make similar MNT mod working perfect in career mode too. But if You ask will I make such similar MNT mod for other new FIFA games then my answer is... no. Greetings.
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