Fifa 2007 Demo is on Marketplace

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27 April 2003
yes mate i agree, this is were it does get relevant to pes6 because

the presentation is what pes should be like, although the pic of gallas in the other thread is incredible

I wish pes had this presentation, fifa would have no arguement!!!


so whats the demo like? going to give it a download in a bit. Does it stand any chance? i've heard the gameplay has improved dramatically.

i have my PES on preorder but im always curios as to what fifa has to offer each year.

could a non-biased poster (not pro fifa or pro pes) please give me an opinion :) ??


7 August 2003
Just played it now liked the bit at the beginning when its just Ronaldinho and a goaly thought this is ok but then i played the game and thought this is crap


League 1
2 September 2005
It's the best FIFA game for a while in terms of gameplay, but it's still not that great. The graphics are quite disappointing too - nowhere near as good as hyped. The graphics on the two world cup games were better - with only the animations being an improvement on 07. The framerate is ropey too...


8 February 2003
yeah, gameplay, bad, framerate is terrible, and true that the game doesn't look that good. World cup 2006 looked better.


fifa is shit and i downloaded it waste of time and disk space


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5 August 2004
Sport Lisboa e Benfica
just played the demo and it sucks real good!! even the fifa 07 for pc is better in terms of gameplay( what happened to the analog tricks?), the player animations are really bad ( looks like ice skating when they´re running) the game feels really unnatural. The graphics are not the ones that EA tried to bust us throw the pretty shiny photoshop screenshots, the game is even worst then i expected. PES6 ALL THE WAY!!!!


League 2
18 June 2003
I gotta agree with post peeps here, it may be the best Fifa so far but it still sucks in the gamplay. I dont really feel in control of my players and it feels like there treading water, and as this is next gen i would expect smooth gamplay. but the framerate is pish. At lest it's the demo has saved me
money, cos i'll not be getting this crap..


UEFA Champions League
18 May 2003
South Wales (UK)
Just downloaded the demo and I have to say that I agree with the above posts regarding the criticisms. The animations, particularly when players take shots and hit high balls look crap because the players rarely use any back-lift at all! Do EA watch football matches? - when was the last time you saw a footballer strike the ball with no back-lift what-so-ever!?

As stated above, you never really feel entirely in control of your players too.

On the plus side, it is better than previous versions (not difficult to be honest), and the look and texture of the grass and default camera angle are great imo.

Not too sure what people where on about saying the framerate is dodgy because it's rock steady in-game (the replay's still have shite framerates) but other than that it's quite smooth.

All in all, PES 6 has nothing to worry about. That's all it needs to do is play as well as the videos look and it'll still be miles ahead of FIFA (in terms of gameplay of course).

Roll-on the 27th!


League 2
5 August 2003
North East
passing has improved, shooting is still terrible eg when you want to use your right foot they almost cross legs and use their left foot which goes wide.
graphically its better than older fifas on 360 but the animations are slow and everyone is virtually the same height and weight.

ps. player appeareances look terrible apart from ronaldinho

f to the vipe

that's great
8 July 2005
FC Porto
Does this demo let you play alone agaisnt the goalkeeper in the background of the menus before the actual game like in the fifa 2006 demo??


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4 April 2005
well what can i say about this demo
i played onley 6 games at the momant & i am (bored) very dissapointed
it is definitly worst then the demo on pc, as i did like the pc demo alot, the players don't move on the pitch at all, & that make it not realistic, anyways what the fuck happen to the dribbling ](*,) is it ea take a piss with they costumers or what, by saying somany good things about the gameplay, they say, it will be close to the real thing:lmao: i can't belive ea fucked it up again as usual:roll:
it tuck me all day to download this pis of shit:(
i was so happy to buy both games this year pes6 & fifa2007
but now i deffenitly know which game am getting this year
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