FIFA World Youth Championship

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Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
Is anybody watching the FIFA World Youth Championship?

It is hosted in Holland, not sure if they are going to televise it on Eurosport.

Here is the match schedule >Click<

Check out the teams >Click<


I cant wait to watch it. in the US it will be shown on Fox Soccer Channel in English, and Telemundo will carry it in spanish.

I am particularly interested to see how the US does with Adu, Gaven and Szetela of the MLS. Plus ManU's Jonathan Spector will be playing as well. The US is grouped with Argentina and plays them in the first game this Saturday, so that should be interesting. lol.

Didnt Argentina win the last one?

Brazil and Nigeria on Sunday should be fun, too.
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Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
Milanista said:
What happened to George Weah Jr?
Isn't he still in the AC Milan youth team?

ghazi said:
Brazil and Nigeria on Sunday should be fun, too.
Yeah, i can't wait to see that too ;) Obi Mikel (Nigerian) is in the squad
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is just your type
20 June 2004
490 Madison
anybody watched netherlands vs japan? great display by quincy owusu abeyie of arsenal, the guy is really impressive. holland actually looks pretty strong.


15 April 2003
Look out for Lionel Messi of Argnetina. Plays at Barca.

Quincy looked fabulous. I've seen him do those kind of runs while playing for the reserves at Arsenal. Very impressive. Babbel's backheel was neat.

Ghazi, no, Brazil defeated Argentina in the final. Argentina had a lot of stars on display: Cavenaghi, Osmar Ferrayra and Luis Gonzalez. My friend got a few autographs for me.


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Artem Milevskiy of Ukraine looks very promising. Hes even appeared in the CL with Dynamo Kiev. Hes been involved in all 3 of Ukraine's goals so far.

Paradas and Hernandez of Chile were an excellent pair for Chile who are leading 2-0 at the half.

Lots of very technically gifted players.


3 August 2003
I've seen Argentina's Neri Cardozo in some Football shows, he looks promising.


milanista, how nice was this china goal? is there anywhere i can see it? i'm having a look at the FIFA website right now, and i wasn't aware canada put forward a team for this tournament! :lol:



Did you Say BOOTS - Pk
9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
gosh i'm missin out on seeing baby oranje but i hear the boys are doin good things

quincy , babel and afellay

come on boys !!!!!!


15 April 2003
csaunders said:
USA USA, great win by the boys.. barret looks to be a good one, adu looked good at times
When Messi came on in the second half he was the best player on the pitch. Barca really landed onto a winner. Cunts.
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