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FIFA13 Sliders


Joga Bonito!
22 May 2012
Atlético Mineiro
hi guys. just wanted to share what i'm using atm. played an entire season and at least 30 testing friendlies, always making an effort to drive the game to a balanced experience between human and cpu by checking how the overall stats would converge after tens of games.

the difference in goalkeepers is because i noticed cpu conversion rate whenever they shoot on goal to be absurdly high compared to ours. they just know how to spot the ball where the goalkeeper can't reach, and this is part of why legendary feels so cheaty. we shoot the same ammount and they score twice as much. frustrating, but the goalkeepers in these sliders fix it.

difference in injury frequency is because cpu does tackle more, which makes our players hurt more frequently. these numbers are to make players hurt themselves frequently, but most of the time with trivial injuries which even allow them to continue playing, just like real life.

i use semi passing as to make my team play closer to cpu ability. manual passing makes the pace of my build-up too slow, it kills fluidity. and if i raise cpu pass error slider more to try to emulate manual passing, their passes and crosses become awful.

i'm getting an even share of 9 to 10 shots (on average) for each team in my games, roughly half of them on goal. passing is averaging into the 82-84% range. the only thing i was unable to balance was possession, a battle which i almost always win, averaging 55%. but this is a problem i have with every slider set i've tried, including default.

Half Time: 10 Minutes
Difficulty: Legendary
Speed: Slow

Pass Assistance: Semi
Everything else Manual

Sliders (User/CPU)
Sprint Speed - 44/44
Acceleration - 48/48
Shot Error - 55/55
Pass Error - 58/61
Shot Speed - 50/50
Pass Speed - 50/50
Injury Frequency - 68/78
Injury Severity - 20/20
Goalkeeper Ability - 65/56
Positioning: Marking - 68/68
Positioning: Run Frequency - 39/39
Positioning: Line Height - 51/51
Positioning: Line Length - 45/45
Positioning: Line Width - 47/47
Positioning: Fullback Positioning - 56/56
Power Bar - 57
First Touch - 52/54
updated goalkeepers

cpu from 67 to 65
user from 57 to 56

i'm tweaking these for almost three weeks already with lots of help from the guys at operation sports. the focus is realism. lots of side to side comparison with real football games was made when choosing settings, especially when positioning the lines. i was into a final testing round now to settle on gk ability numbers and now it's all good. i'm at a point where i'm so confident about these settings that i'm just gonna play my career now without even considering sliders exist, which is awesome.

if you haven't found a slider set that suits you well yet, give these a chance. a lot of effort was put on them.

btw, i just found when comparing fifa to real broadcasts that lightning becomes more realistic if you go into "settings > game settings > game brightness control" (this option only appears in the pause game menu) and set contrast to 3 instead of 4.
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Classified Information
26 March 2010
My settings.


  • Sprint Speed 00/00
  • Acceleration 35/35
  • Shot Error 40/40
  • Pass Error 40/70
  • Shot Speed 40/45
  • Pass Speed 40/40
  • Injury Freq. 70/70
  • Injury Seve. 50/50
  • GK Ability 30/30
  • Marking 100/100
  • Run Freq. 60/50
  • Line Height 40/40
  • Line Length 50/50
  • Line Width 45/50
  • Fullback Pos 50/50
  • Power Bar 40/na
  • First Touch 60/60

Full Manual Controls
8 Minutes Halves
World Class Difficulty
Slow speed

I've found that it promotes a more methodical game where zonal marking is key but not at the expense of goals.

- You cannot simply act first and think later going all gun-ho when defending; you need to pick the right moment for tackles. Inviting pressure is going to be a problem as it should be. Much like in real life, don't look to defend in your box. Blocking them from getting into it is going to be your main priority. Took me a while to learn though to be honest.

- Passing needs to be more accurate because the slower speed means you can't just run and pick up loose balls. The turning circles of players are far more realistic.

- Slower speed means your players actually feel like they have weight in them and that they aren't made of jelly when you're on the ball.

- Don't abuse the right stick. In fact don't use it. The game is really broken for it when it comes to lowering acceleration. The computer doesn't really defend properly because they just wait for you to go into them and you can get past them every single time using the right stick.

- I use the default cam. I tried Tele for a long time but it's too hard for shooting on manual.
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edgar o5

7 October 2012
Hello again guys, back again but this time with some legendary manual settings for you.

What I tried accomplishing here was to have a slower than normal speed game but not too slow as I get easily bored, especially knowing that I’m playing versus the AI.

I tried making these to allow you to have a smooth passing game, but at the same time not too easy to pass the ball around thus leading to the user having more possession than the cpu. Think I managed that pretty good as I have tested them a bit and the only team to actually beat me (possession wise) was Barca but was pleased as it seemed default tactics played a part.

Plus it’s Manual it’s supposed to make you feel like you are in control but what I have experienced with other sliders is that there is too much passing error, which makes me feel NOT in control.

Also brought the passing speed down which imo help reduce every team playing ping pong soccer as it allows for more balls to be intercepted and a bit more stray passes. Upped the passing error to 54 to help keep the passing percentage at around low 80’s to high 70’s.

For shooting again brought the speed down 4 points and only had to up the shooting error 1 for the cpu. For this also had the User GK ability to 58, this allows for realistic scorelines for 10 minute games. It seems to depend on each game as I played barca using Recreativo from la liga second division and only lost 0-2 but they did have the stats in their favour. Then played a gave using BSC Young Boys and allowed to quick early goals to J.Defoe but then settled and only allowed one after.

You have to play smart aggressive defense and know when to go on offensive mentality and also defensive. If you try and go all out attack you will get punished on the counter. Played a game Man U vs Celtic and I could feel the ratings difference, in my favour , allowed and early goal on a deflection so I went all out attack early in the second half and ended up losing 0-3 on counter attacks. So you can definitely tell the difference between a low rated team and a high one.

For Lines it’s hard to explain for me as English is not my first language but just wanted to have a more lively game. Didn’t want all the time in the world to think before passing the ball wanted to actually feel as if I was playing another person.

You might think the Line Height is to HIGH but what I did to counter that is the First touch error brought it up to 74 for the CPU as some teams try to play quite a few over the top balls but not all players will have the perfect first touch thus allowing for less 1 v 1, but you will get your share of them.

Not trying to make these sliders seemed like the perfect simulation, or simulation for that matter, just trying to make fifa fun using full manual controls.

Hope somebody out there enjoys them.


Control Settings
Auto switching - Air Balls
Auto Swit.Move - None
Passing Pwr ***.- OFF
Pass Assistance - MANUAL
Through Pass ***- MANUAL
Shot Assistance - MANUAL
Cross Assitance - MANUAL
Lob Pass ***. - MANUAL
Save Assitance - not needed
Anolog Sprint - ON
Defending - Tactical

Tele Broadcast
Height - 0
Zoom - 20

Half Lenght – 10 minutes
Difficulty - Legendary
Game Speed - Normal

Sprint 35/35
Acc. 44/44
Shot Error 52/51
Pass Error 53/54
Shot Speed 46/46
Pass Speed 37/37
Inj. Freq. 60/60
Inj. Seve. 25/25
GK Ability 58/54
Marking 95/96
Run Freq. 10/10
Lin.Height 82/86
Lin.Lenght 4/6
Lin.Width 30/32
Fullbacks 53/53
Powerbar 57
FirstTouch 70/74
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15 November 2011
Anyone recommend me a good, relistic sliders for assissted control settings with not more than 8min halves.



3 February 2006
Celtic & Derry City fc
Anyone recommend me a good, relistic sliders for assissted control settings with not more than 8min halves.

I use assissted on these slider by scorpio. Might want to play around with the First touch error to get it to your liking. though i like it like this. Brill for playing in lower leagues...ect. If tou make the shot error 50 you get some cracking games as well.

Originally Posted by Scorpio View Post
I think I have found the setup that I will keep without changing it anymore.

I've taken the best out of all the sliders posted here and mixed to my own preference. These can be used for the big teams and the lower league ones.

8 minutes

Tele broadcast height 12 zoom 5

Sprint Speed - 50/ 49 -> Cpu less because of the legendary difficulty, otherwise slow players gain your fast ones...
Acceleration - 47/ 46
Shot Error - 50/ 51
Pass Error - 50/ 52
Shot Speed - 50/ 50
Pass Speed - 42/ 42 -> thanks nerf!
Injury Frequency - 70/ 90
Injury Severity - 50/ 70
Goalkeeper Ability - 45/ 45
Positioning: Marking - 65/ 80
Positioning: Run Frequency - 50/50
Positioning: Line Height- 50/ 50
Positioning: Line Length -40/40
Positioning: Line Width - 40/40
Positioning: Fullback Positioning - 60/ 60
Power Bar – 50
First Touch error - 80/85

torpedo celtic

4 November 2012
PS3 and XBOX360 (after patch 1.03)



game speed fast
difficulty pro
controls manual
for user and cpu

everything 50 except

goal keeper ability = 39
marking = 89
run frequency = 90
line height = 75
line length = 32
line width = 60
first touch control error = 63
================================================== ============================================


game speed fast

everything 50 except.....................(+ OR - FROM ABOVE)
speed = 78..................................(+18)
acceleration = 78..........................(+18)
goal keeper ability = 39
marking = 91.................................(+2)
run frequency = 90
line height = 75
line length = 32
line width = 60
first touch control error = 50...........(-13)

I think most of the settings I used are self explanatory but I will explain which ones are related etc, line height being at 75 is very important because most professional football clubs attempt to maintain their defensive line as far from the goal as possible, this will settle it on edge of 18 yard box and will also ensure the teams do not give up territory too easily, this figure has been arrived from studying matches on tv.

Line length is related to run frequency, with line length at 32 it is a fair average of what you would expect to see in a match with the run frequency ensuring your team get into attacking positions, this also adds to the game because it means that if you use manual passing you are required to anticipate where to pass the ball rather than passing straight to a static player which isnt very interesting and makes for a dull game of football. So this setting is favouring attacking football. If you reduce run frequency then you must also increase line length to ensure that you have enough players in good attacking positions.

Line width is 60 for a few reasons but mainly so that cpu players do not stand about like they dont know that you are there, so it ensures all players get involved in defense however in real football it would be less than this but it does bring another 2 things to the game, it makes defending that bit more challenging and opens the game up providing more passing opportunities but possibly the best aspect of it as far as gamplay is concerned is that passes are not so short that it becomes boring and you feel good about your passes if you use manual controls, there also seems to be an issue with performing short passes in fifa 13 on default pass speed which results in the ball being hit too hard and going out of play etc. 60 is good but 50 may be fine but game will not be as much fun.

The first touch control error is important against the cpu because it adds authenticity to the matches but against another person it takes something away from the game and its much better to increase speed and acceleration instead because it adds a lot of fun because it requires faster reaction times, increases the amount of closing down of the man on the ball and even increases injuries, so its all good and adds a lot to a match but against the cpu it will just make you hate the game because its unfair to you.

Marking at 89 against cpu in my opinion is what you would expect from a game on tv but against another human opponent I increases this because the cpu is better at defending but also because it reduces the gap between teams of different star levels and ensures a more realistic balance where the lower star team can take on the higher star team without getting a hiding everytime so its good if you play your friends in a champions league and you all have a team in each group and someone plays their opponents for example, so really good at 91 against human to make great games.
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15 November 2010
Hi Placebo I still play with your 0,7 sliders, Im still sutisfied. Can you comment what do you think now about 0,7 sliders - you changed them to have harder gameplay - ver. 1.0 (I think too hard for me) but can you point on some sliders in ver 0,7 which I should change a bit? (maybe to have even better gameplay).


3 May 2003
Västervik, Sweden.
Sheffield Wednesday
It's hard to say as we all like slightly different things in our gameplay, perhaps the best way is for you to look at 0.7 and 1.0 and compare what's different and perhaps try a middle setting between the two, see how that feels :)


15 November 2010
The worst thing, and I think its impossible to change it by sliders, is that when I play Cup (any domestic cup) I win 1st, 2nd round and then in 3rd/4th, even against low class team (when I take best team) I loose - they play like 11 Messis. I cant change it by sliders, I think its some kind of programmed round that CPU has to beat you. When I play the same match in exibition I can win with this team 4-0 easily. Thats my biggest problem.

torpedo celtic

4 November 2012
Anyone recommend me a good, relistic sliders for assissted control settings with not more than 8min halves.

I did these with AUTOMATIC out of interest think its good for first go with AUTOMATIC cos I find it boring but this is ok game with these settings


game speed NORMAL
difficulty LEGENDARY
controls AUTOMATIC
for user and cpu

everything 50 except

goal keeper ability = 39 ? (NOT TESTED IT ENOUGH)
marking = 91 (THIS IS A LITTLE HIGHER than for manual passing)
run frequency = 90
line height = 75
line length = 32
line width = 32 (THIS IS MUCH LESS than for manual passing)
first touch control error = 80 (THIS IS MUCH HIGHER than for manual passing)

if you wanted to use these settings for manual passing you would need to decrease first touch control error to about 63 on fast or to about 80 on SLOW and increase the power bar to 100 to enable you to play shorter passes at the correct pace, most of the time the power bar does sweet FA so maybe pass speed to 25 for both user and cpu, marking may be 89 but dont know how much that would effect the game 91 should be good enough if you want a hardcore challenge where you need to play quick short passing game but in my experience this is boring on manual passing but good on automatic
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torpedo celtic

4 November 2012

think I've cracked the code almost would be good if I could get some feedback to help improve them

Just been playing with user and cpu on the same values

tested on PS3

difficulty legendary (tested on)
game speed SLOW (tested on)
controls manual (tested on)

sprint speed 46
acceleration 48............or 50 if you want better game............ acceleration only affects how long it will take to reach top speed

shot error 57..................got from Jamies Sliders not tested enough to know if I like
pass error 55
shot speed 48................got from Jamies Sliders " "
injury frequency ??
injury severity ??
goal keeper ability ??
marking 91..............................or between 89-91................definetely 91 against another HUMAN 89=open 91=realistic pro game
run frequency 90......................or between 87-90........87= slow tempo.....90=fast tempo
line height 62
line length 32.................or 33 for better attack.........32 is for better defense
line width 20..................this seems bammy but its more realistic overall
full back positioning 50
power bar 55
first touch control error 67................or between 63-67 or whatever you decide looks better for you

I dont know which line length is best with this yet 33 favours the attack and 32 favours the defence

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27 December 2012
athens greece
olympiakos fc
I've tweaked my sliders a bit to the point for me I'd consider them final now, so here they are:

Controller Settings
All Manual controls
Analogue sprint
Tactical defending
Game Settings
10 Minute halves
Camera Settings
Height 20
Zoom 0

User/CPU Game Customization
Sprint Speed - 47/47
Acceleration - 48/48
Shot Error - 51/51
Pass Error - 60/70
Shot Speed – 50/50
Pass Speed - 70/70
Injury Frequency - 80/90
Injury Severity - 45/60
Goalkeeper Ability - 60/60
Positioning:Marking - 80/80
Positioning:Run Frequency - 40/40
Positioning: Line Height - 55/55
Positioning: Line Length - 45/45
Positioning: Line Width - 45/45
Positioning: Fullback Positioning - 50/50
Power Bar - 60
First Touch Control Error - 80/87

As before this is an EPL based slider set for a mid level EPL standard team, so if you're in a slower league you may want to lower pass speed, if you're in a weaker league you may want to reduce passing error, marking and first touch error control a smidge, but for me this set plays really well, it's noticeable that when playing against much weaker opposition in the cups especially their passing/first touch is significantly affected so that even when on Legendary they don't suddenly become a super turbo team of all Messis, which is nice :)
hi guys!placebo i played last year with your sliders in fifa 12,this year game sucks but i cant play pro,i tried but i cant!i am playing with your sliders now.i have sprind speed 40/40 acceleretion 44/44 and all user sliders about passing 50 and first touch 55.can you advise me some sliders for cpu similar but not god mode?thanks and sorry for my bad english


3 May 2003
Västervik, Sweden.
Sheffield Wednesday
Sorry I only play on legendary so can't help you, there's really no way to have the AI play realistically on professional and that's the only thing I look for in sliders.


27 December 2012
athens greece
olympiakos fc
Aha, ok so I'm a bit confused what you need different from my last posted slider set? :)
i have reduse user pass error an speed and now the game is easier,i have the best team on my league,it is from creation center and i want it more challenging but not cheating.reduse cpu pass error?


15 November 2010
Sorry for changing subject to fifa12 for a moment:
Placebo - can I ask you for sliders to fifa12, your final version. I reviewed fifa12 sliders thread but I cant find final sliders (too many versions posted) - thanks a lot.
I love your sliders for fifa13 ver. 0,7 so I know you did excelent sliders for fifa12 too, which I want to start playing again (mostly because of Camp Nou).


7 December 2008
Novi Beograd
Partizan Belgrade
How to setup sliders,what should i do,for catch-up thing?
I mean when i go with some explosive and speed player,and MErtesaker is faster than him.How to avoid that with sliders? Is it possible? :)


15 November 2010
Placebo can I ask you what you play in fifa13? League/career/tournaments?
I have feeling that when I play tournament in some round one team is becoming like 11 Messis and beat me, no chance for me. In league its the same, I win 3,4 matches than it is 5th and I lose 0-3, even when it is low class team. Is this only my feeling? Was it discussed here?
I dont change tactic, just play with the same and mostly with the same players. Maybe this is the problem.
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I hope next year EA will implement the slider "menu speed". It is really a pain how slow, dull and unispired the menu system is. It takes frikking forever to do anything. And since they have a million teams a system to quickly select the teams would be very much appreciated (like the globe in fifa wc).

And i am not buying the game if they don't put in on the fly subs. I hate pausing the game.


5 February 2013
Hello. I'm seeing too many sliders and I don't know wich one is the best for me. Can anyone please give me a god set of sliders to play Fifa 13 in WORLD CLASS with 6/7 minutes halves? It will be great.

Best regards,
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