FIFpro young player of the year


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15 October 2003
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FIFpro young player

Has anybody seen the news about this.

Hre's the shortlist:

1. Javier Alejandro Mascherano (Sport Club Corinthians / Argentina)
2. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United/ England)
3. Arjen Robben (Chelsea/ Holland)
4. Bastian Schweinsteiger (FC Bayern Munchen/ Germany)
5. Robinho (Real Madrid/ Brazil)
6. Dong Fangzou (Manchester United/ China)
7. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United/ Portugal)
8. Francesc Fabregas (Arsenal/ Spain)
9. Rio Antonio Mavuba (Bordeaux/ France)
10. Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus/ Italy)
11. Obafemi Martins (Inter/ Nigeria)
12. Freddy Adu (D.C. United/ USA)

How the fuck does Dong Fangzou make the list. Has he actually played any first team games?

Anyhow I think this one will be between Robben, Robinho, Ronaldo and Cesc.


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31 July 2003
Dong Fangzou ? are you kidding me ? he could barely cope with belgium's second division's level :p


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9 January 2004
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no way this title is between rooney and ronaldo they have been performing constantly for club and country

so its only rite one of them picks it up

robben can be third

fabregas is good but not as good as those three


If anybody saw Englands humilation last nite against Denmark (Demark 4 - England 1) the only positive from the game i believe was Rooney's commitment and dedication. He wears that England shirt with pride, as should every other England player regardless if the match was only a friendly, because representing your country is the ultimate honour. Rooney deserves to be at least a nominee for FIFA young player of the year if not the winner!


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11 March 2003
Got to be Rooney - in a class of his own.

Ronaldo a close second.

Robben is quality too, right in the mix on his day - but his day has not come very often be it injury or what have you..


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8 January 2002
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Just read the shortlist...if poor Dong Fangzhuo who is playing for second division club Antwerp is on the shortlist, well then there should have been dozens of other young players from Belgian clubs in this list. That would be unjust of course...but why not Kompany or Vanden Borre (he'still only 17)???

Of course this is a commercial decision, as a citizen of the world's fastest growing market Dong Fangzhuo had to be on this a Belgian i can assure you that he was even far from the best player in our second division...


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9 May 2003
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Busan I'Park
dong should not be on this list...he wouldnt even be #1 in asia...........there are at least 10 strikers in asia alone i could name that are better.....nonetheless europe which would have 1000000000000000000000 better strikers than him......weird system they must have for getting these names....even most my chinese friends admit dong has not done poorly...but definitely not well at all at yah....weird again...and sorry....not quite living up to ANY of the hype...but a decent player....


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10 August 2004
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Should be Rooney if this is a proper award. Robben might sneak it.

Cesc and Mascherano are arguabley just as talented but they don't play in as high profile positions, and everyone knows these awards are difficult to win unless you are a striker on an attacking mid.


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13 July 2004
I think titles won will be important... maybe Rooney or C. Ronaldo have more chances than most of them, but Mascherano is an amazing player, and Robinho has been decisive for Santos: both have put their teams at the top of the Brazilian league. Though I think these four have been the best, maybe guys like Schweinsteiger or Robben will have a chance as winners of their leagues. I don't know. I couldn't care less, really. ;)
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