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Final - Netherlands vs Spain - poll (Evo-Web predictions right)

Final - Netherlands vs Spain - poll

  • Netherlands win

    Votes: 32 41.0%
  • Spain win

    Votes: 38 48.7%
  • Draw (120')

    Votes: 8 10.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


24 August 2007
was a terrific Final...unfortunate Robben misses both of his chances, Van persie had a terrible game, while Iniesta misses chances or should I say didnt had the guts to take a shot, he looked ridiculous but somehow got the winning goal...del bosque was a joke subb villa for an unfit and disgrace looking torres who couldnt play 10min without going down to the ground...while fabregas was the hero for spain while he olmost never featured in the tournament...Spain Win is kinda ironic as I was supporting them but I just didnt celebrate their Win as it didnt look like they deserve it that much but It was a great World cup and I am happy for their country...see you in 2012 for the euros.


Champions League
1 December 2006
Germany played much better than Spain in most of their games...

England 1 - Germany 4
Germany 4 - Argentina 0
Germany 4 - Australia 0

In each of those 3 games they scored half of the goals Spain scored in the whole competition. Spain played ok football but it wasn't as asthetic as Germany's, Spain never dismantled a team the way Germany did.
Germany were brilliant on the breaks. Spain faced teams that's defensively sound in Switzerland, Portugal and Paraguay. Its no surprise that those 3 teams conceded only 4 goals between them and certainly you can't expect them to be dismantled as easily.

Spain do struggle at times but that's almost as down to the opposition being defensively effective and not giving much away.


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
Im a person who openly admits when I`m wrong and will come apologetic ,but I have an opinion and I`ll say it again puyol n xavi were cheeky in waving their towns flag.
You're a sad, bitter person then. The kind of person that creates the conflicts. I, for once, can perfectly wave both flags without any problem, as Puyol and Xavi did. I'm not as limited of sights as you. Maybe you will understand that some day.
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9 June 2010
St. Petersburg
Zenit SPb
Game was good, both commands were worthy on a victory, but one has won only, besides the goal has been hammered also thanks to a small error of Van der Vaart when it beat off a ball a head, it has fallen and has not had time to rise, and thanks to it was not офсайда, and as a whole Dutches looked very adequately. And Spain can only be congratulated on this remarkable victory, now they owners of a cup Europe and World, good fellows!:TU:


Retired Footballer
8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
Game was cool. i dont like spains footbal,. they play too slow paced for my liking.
That statement is something of a shock for me...Spain's football is very close to that of two clubs: Barcelona and...Arsenal...

So you don't like the football your favourite team plays?


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
I would say Arsenal's style is a tad more fast paced, and at the same time Arsenal seem to miss the full-pitch pressure concept that both Barcelona and Spain do.

I know a lot of people who don't like this style. It's all down to personal likings and I respect all of them. Personally, I think both Spain and Barcelona lack a little "surprise" element now and then, like shooting a lot more on goal when wandering the area. No one is perfect!

Personally I love mainly the barça style, a mix of dutch and italian concepts. But respect and love as well many other styles of play (I loved Germany and was kken on Uruguay, USA and Ghana in this world cup).

PS: That's why Cesc is a great addition to our natioanl team in my opinion (and would be great to my club as well), he's got a little more of that "premier" mind that makes him a more direct player when near the goal. And I like that.
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30 December 2002
But I can see his point, not totally about the speed of their game, but most of their passing takes place in and around the center circle. I don't think this Spanish team is as good to watch as say Russia in Euro 2008, or the Germans, Ghana or Argentina at this World Cup.

Arsenal play a passing game but they emphasize getting the ball forward and breaking quickly, running down the wing, as well as keeping the ball. Whereas the Spanish seem (to me) to be obessed with just keeping the ball rather than attacking and creating chances.


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
You're a sad, bitter person then. The kind of person that creates the conflicts. I, for once, can perfectly wave both flags without any problem, as Puyol and Xavi did. I'm not as limited of sights as you. Maybe you will understand that some day.
I never attack you personally ? yes, you can wave any flag you want. So , could everyone ! How that makes me bitter not sure . Me starting conflicts maybe w/ my wife :LOL: No worries drekkard I don`t have anything against you . Congratulation for All parts of Spain :))


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
I only wanted you to say there's no problem to wave a catalan flag to celebrate! Sorry if I seemed very sensitive, but it IS a very sensitive moment for those things in Spain and most of the people will simply think you're an independentist simply for waving a flag, when it's not the case. Independetists are only 20% here, so there are a lot of catalans that feel catalan and spanish, as it's my case. Well, in fact I'm not a nationalist of any kind, but I just don't like when people just makes light judgementes and criticizes what is something absolutely normal.

/end of angry mode then and sorry if I went too agressive, it's just that I'm tired of being insulted in Spain simply for being catalan and some things make me jumpy. sorry again.

lo zio

24 October 2005
yeah bebo. u have to realise that "spain" is a relatively "new" concept. spain's regions were countries just a few centuries ago.
u might say "the same goes for usa", and that's true. but unlike the states of US, spanish regions have a very different cultural and social background. each "region" has its own culture, history, even different languages in some cases..... and there's also been an historic rivalry between some of em (like castilla and catalunya, for instance). infact many of theese regions, even nowadays, are autonomous communities (like andaluçia).

so every spanish has a very strong bond, not only with his country's cultural backround, but also with his regional cultural background. a castillano or an andaluso or a catalano feels very attached to its region. it's something weird for an englishman or an american, but that's because the cultural differences between english counties or between US states are nowhere near as deep as the difference between spanish regions.
and italy is very similar to spain on this concern.

so, even though u might find some spanish secessionists, who wave the catalunya flag just to remark they "don't feel spanish but catalan", most of the people who wave catalan flags don't necessarily share that secessionist spirit (but just express their strong attachment to their region) :))
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