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Flip-Flap (Elastico)



Who are the players that are able to perform this move in WE9?
In WE8 it was: Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Zlatan.


Yes all this player do the filp flap,but only Ronaldhino do well...


RuneEdge said:
When has Cisse ever done a Elastico?

i remember seeing it once in liverpool not only once, and it wasnt that good either

is robinho even in the real madrid in WE?


7 October 2002
One question about the dribble editing in WE9:

the editor allows 5 kinds of dribble but the animations aren't really demonstrative.. does anyone know the exact correspondence between those options and what the player really does ingame?

Doubla R

13 April 2005
Maybe, what you can do, if a player can't do the flip flap, go to edit a player, base copy one of the players that can do it, and edit on top of that player, I heard you can transfer edited players now, so then you transfer him to the club he's suposed to be in. I don't know if it works, is just an idea.


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
Robinho does almost every trick in the book.

I hope PES5 is more up to date in terms of tricks and the appearances of players.
(Sylvan Blake of Man Utd has white skin when in fact he's black! lol)

Doubla R

13 April 2005
You guys should try what I posted, try it with a sucky players and transfer him to one of the WE/PES teams and try to do the flip flap.


My Season My Style
4 August 2005
Real Madrid
those playaz should do it apart from those mentioned above
Fernando Torres ( Atletico Madrid , Spain )
Adu ( USA )
Bueno ( Uruguay )


Sissoko did a flip-flap the other night against Kaunas too...split the defence apart

was like the parting of the red sea


2 August 2004
I think I see a lot more players being able to do this now.

Mauro Rosales (Ajax) Ex-Newell Old boys player and sometimes picked in NT can do this as I did it while playing with them. Not smooth or anything ;)

I don't think Karimi should be able to do it.. don't know if he does but I don't think he should cuz i've never seen him do it.

As for Zairi I think he should and if he doesn't, I'll make sure he gets that technique and proper dribbling stats again for my we9 version of PLF data ;)

Off to play some now.. barely played since I got game.

Take care


14 August 2004
The flip flap thing is done by players which in the game have a certain skills I think the most effective skils in performing the filp flap are

:) Technique :)
:) Dribble Accuracy :)
:) Dribble Speed :)

one or more of these three have to be up to a certain standart or the player will not do it properly


game killer

4 August 2004
R2 x2 or L1 x3 I think. If not, just search the topics around, I think theres answers in the Q&A thread aswell in the Skills thread.
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