Football Betting Thread (Leagues, UEFA, Ints, World Cup etc)

Professor Nutmeg

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3 July 2002
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Has anybody put any bets on this season? Perhaps on the Champions League, the World Cup, or a particular European League (Serie A, Premiership, Ligue 1 etc)?
FD, i imagine you have ;)
I've personally put a bit on Hamburg to win the Bundesliga, a while back. :D Yeah, Bayern will most likely win it, but it's worth a try. They're not doing to badly. I'll be following Hamburg this season then :thumbup: [-o<

So anyone placed any bets? Would be interseted to know.


9 January 2002
:mrgreen: hehe..........actuall I ain't bid on any of that.

Although every week (sometimes twice) I bid on European games which includes the likes of England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Greece etc etc.

I actually think that this season there won't be many shocks in terms of league winners.

What I fancy for most major leagues & comps:-

World Cup - Brazil (just look awesome)

Champs Lge - Juventus (although I'm also thinking Barca)

Italy - Juventus

Spain - R.Madrid

Scotland - Celtic

England - Chelsea

Holland - PSV

France - Lyon

Germany - Bayern Munich

So with the teams above, wouldn't be worth a bet unless it was a accumulator and still probably wouldn't amount to much.



28 June 2002
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Hi chaps

i used to bet far more in my youth, well actually not that far back really but when i didnt have so many responsibilities.

still keep a few online accounts going to strike at any value and was considering (probably for the best) a 50/1 e/w on Ath Madrid for La Liga. Unfortuantly they only paid out on the first 2 rather than first 3 so i declined.

When i do gamble thesedays its usually on longer priced away teams or bets where the bookies have (imo) got it wrong. Hamburg is a great bet Proff - what odds did you get ? did you take them just to win ?

I think in term sof English footie its very hard to beat the bookies but in European/World football a bit of knowledge goes a long way.


Professor Nutmeg

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3 July 2002
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Hi mate. 16/1 on Hamburg to win the league, which is not bad really. (makes me an honorary fan this season :lol: )
Agree with FD though. There's not much point betting on the leagues, but i thought i'd give the Bundesliga a chance. Hoping for Bayern to slip up and Hamburg to grab it.
I often look for the good odds, eg 50/1 for a defender to score first or something. It happens. I'd say it's worth doing the CL. The past 2 seasons have shown that.
I have a few ideas for the world cup too ;) Dark horses etc... I'll tell you this now. Brazil won't win it. (Coming from the man who predicted Greece to win Euro 2004 ;) )
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Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
It'll be nice if we can have a betting system in this forum...i don't know how but it'll be a good idea.
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Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Ah the ML guys are here and into betting...there is no betting culture in Belgium...
But i agree with the Prof: Brazil will not be World Champions...Italy or Germany seem more likely to me....
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