Football Boots : Blades or Studs?


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
Its one of the most debatable issue currently.Boot companys are still endorsing bladed boots while clubs are trying to ban their players from wearing them.Its been said that bladed boots can cause ligament injuries to the knees and ankle.Though this theory is not 100% proven,players from different clubs have been diagnosed having injuries while wearing bladed boots.The theory is that,bladed boots worn by players does grip the ground too much and when a player is turning sharply,the foot tends to 'lag' behind while the body turns.This thus causes the injuries to the ankle and knees especially.Big clubs these days are trying to persuade their top stars not to wear bladed boots.Imposing a ban is unlikely now but who knows in the near future,it could be a reality.

Give in your views and opinions on this topic.Thanks and Cheers~


3 August 2003
I don't know honestly. What I do know is that some people shouldn't be allowed to wear studs with the way they tackle.


7 March 2004
i recently switched to Puma Shudoh's with Studs after using Pulse's and F50+'s for a while and i have notiched a bit of a differnce and after i heard about Sam parkin at Ipswich getting a gash right across his face after a youth teamplayer wearing blades caught him in the face i thought it would be right to switch i personally agree that blades should be banned in the future as a lot of players are getting nasty injuries from blades


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9 January 2004
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Lille, de oranje!
yup i agree with the ban on bladed boots especially on injuries that may be caused on the player and their opponents. i think the boot companies should try and focus more on that aspect of the boot rather than the boots's appearance (well sort off.)

but i'am sure they are aware soon there will be more emphasis placed on that area!

The Original Spikester

Personally I've always been a stud :D

And boots wise, studs have always suited me down to the ground, blades I've found as too grippy for me.

Had to buy a new pair this w/e, was in a rush (30 minutes to go to KO), ended up buying silver boots :(

s'pose I'll just have to live up to their sassyness (cue the left back receiving loads of sliding tackles).


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
I've seen some gruesome injuries caused by the bladed boots also.Once was less gruesome but funny.Early this year,we just got brand new umbro kits for our new season.Halfway thru the first half,my stopper was one on one with this striker,wearing a red predator pulse.50-50 ball,both taking a swipe at it.My stopper wins the ball,booted the ball thing he knew...his socks was torn...35 degrees across his shin..was that GINSU KNIFE under the striker's boots!!? Hahaha..


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15 October 2003
The one and only Arsenal
Well I'm a keeper so boots aren't an issue but my moulds have a plastic blade and my soft ground boots are a blade.

My bigger dilema is fingerbone glove or normal!
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