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Football Classics - Kitserver!


Come on you Reds!
5 November 2005
Forest, Bulls, Patriots

Hi, after looking at the classic option file created somewhere on this forum I decided to start a new thread where people can post classic kits to be used on kitserver.

I am a Nottingham Forest fan so naturally here are the 1979-80 European Cup Winners cup shirts. Home, away and Goalkeeper.. I'm working on other classic shirts such as the Labatts and Shipstones shirts.

I'm also working on the option file for all the players and logos etc... so here's a starter.

It's my first attempt at a kit so any comments would be helpful..


Download link

p.s. thanks to juce for everything :applause:
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10 December 2006
Nice one! I have been looking for a classic forest strip for ages. Chave you been able to find a decent classic option file with all the correct current teams roster. Playing as forest on Pro Evo would be a dream.

I am keeping an eye on a post which has all the current UK leauges and teams in it. hopefully Forest will be listed.

Keep up th e good work and i will keep an eye out for your following kits.

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