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Football for Hope



50 star footballers from around the world have been confirmed to participate in FIFA’s charity football match in aid of Tsunami relief, between the European’s led by Andrey Shevchenko and the World’s led by Ronaldinho.

The match will take place February 15th at Barcelona’s Nou Camp:
SoccerNet said:
Shevchenko XI

LIPPI Marcello - Italy, WENGER Arsene - Arsenal

BUFFON Gianluigi - Juventus CASILLAS Iker - Real Madrid

KALADZE Kakhaber - AC Milan
KAREMBEU Christian - FC Servette
KOMPANY Vincent - Anderlecht
MALDINI Paolo - AC Milan
PUYOL Carles - FC Barcelona
STAM Jaap - AC Milan
THURAM Lilian - Juventus

Midfielders/ Attackers:
BAGGIO Roberto - Italy
BALLACK Michael - Bayern Munich
BECKHAM David - Real Madrid
DECO - Barcelona
DEL PIERO Alessandro - Juventus
GERRARD Steven - Liverpool
HENRY Thierry - Arsenal
NEDVED Pavel - Juventus
RAUL - Real Madrid
SEMAK Sergei - CSKA Moscow
SHEVCHENKO Andrei - AC Milan
TOTTI Francesco - Roma
VIEIRA Patrick - Arsenal
VOGEL Johann - PSV Eindhoven
ZIDANE Zinedine - Real Madrid

Ronaldinho XI

PARREIRA Carlos Alberto - Brazil
RIJKAARD Frank - Barcelona

DIDA - AC Milan
KAMENI Idriss - Espanyol

CAFU - AC Milan
CORDOBA Ivan - Inter Milan
CRIS - Lyon
HEINZE Gabriel - Manchester United
JAIDI Radhi - Bolton
KUFFOUR Samuel - Bayern Munich
LUCIO - Bayern Munich
MARQUEZ ALVAREZ Rafael - Barcelona
RADEBE Lucas - Leeds
ZANETTI Javier - Inter Milan

Midfielders/ Attackers:
ADRIANO - Inter Milan
BUCKLEY Delron - Arminia Bielefeld
CAMBIASSO Esteban - Inter Milan
CHA Doo-Ri - Eintracht Frankfurt
DROGBA Didier - Chelsea
EMERTON Brett - Blackburn
ESSIEN Michael - Lyon
ETO'O Samuel - Barcelona
KAKA - AC Milan
LI Tie - Everton
MAHDAVIKIA Mehdi - Hamburg
MARTINS Obafemi - Inter Milan
NAKATA Hidetoshi - Fiorentina
RONALDO - Real Madrid
RONALDINHO - Barcelona
NB roberto baggio was the only retiree to be invited to play

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Oak Hard
1 December 2003
Some pretty good players their! Should be good fun for a good cause, I watched the Zidane vs Ronaldo charity match, and it was pretty entertaining


yea for sure. but just one question, who makes up the rostsers for these sides? i mean, li tie? he hasnt played a game this year for everton. brett emerton? vincent kompany? all these are pretty ambiguous footballers, where did they draw their names from?



Oak Hard
1 December 2003
Probably just making up numbers, because there are some great players on the list. Any chance to watch Ronaldinho is a treat.


if you ask me....i think who ever made roni's team is smart ...

the other team has so many stars and could have problems building up plays while the other team if u ask me the play will focus on ronaldinho ronaldo kaka eto ....perhaps adriano ;)


9 January 2002
It's great that these players are turning out for the game, however why not have involved some International players from the countries actually affected?



probably the same reason why players like li tie are playing, like danwin says, by random choice

manchester united have a derby game against city on the 13th so i wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't make it anyhow. as well nesta and milan visit reggina on the very same day, 13th. if that helps out any



3 May 2004
I think they've picked these players to get maximum revenue. By having Li Tie they will persuade the Chinese audience to watch, just basically trying to get as much money and viewers as possible from each country by involving players from the respected countries.


18 March 2003
then german national team just played against a Bundesliga allstar team, the game ended 2-2. About four million euros go to the tsunami victims.


out the window
8 August 2003
Madeira, Portugal.
FC Porto
any help to diminish the disaster is welcome.

Most likely there are no more stars cause simpl either their coaches didn't alowed them or they were in risk of injury!

but always a treat watching ronaldo and adriano! :D


C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
Metallica said:
The match is on ITV2 in the UK
I was about to post that but you beat me to it. Should be an interesting game, usually lots of goals whenever this type of match happens


Retired Footballer
8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
I'm not sure that i will watch..no matter how much great players participate...it just isn't the real thing...
Of course it's a great initiative...


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
Jaidi is in? How the hell did Ronnie picked his players? hahaha...hes pretty decent though...this match is Europe vs World AllStars in disguise dont yall think?
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phrase, i dont think its in disguisem, bro. . i think they intentionally marketed it that way.

Damarcus beasley (USA and PSV Eindhoven) is supposed to play according to reports on the US team's website.

YANKS - the game is live on ESPN2 right now. peace
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