Footballers when they were young....


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15 March 2003
Nice idea RockyKabir ;)

Christian Vieri :

Alessandro Nesta :

Alessandro Del Piero :

Luis Figo :

Mickeal Owen :

Ryan Giggs :

Philipe Mexes :

Fabio Cannavaro :

Vincenzo Montella :

Paolo Maldini :

Filippo & Simone Inzaghi :

Filippo Inzaghi again :

Francesco Totti :

Metzelder :


Klose :

Di Vaio :

Toldo :

Gabrielle Batistuta :

Emre :

Raul :

herman Crespo :

Nuno Gomes :

Fernando Morientes :

Pablo Aimar :

Christiano Ronaldo :

Fabien Barthez :

Solskjaer :

Ruud Van Nistelrooy :

Pavel Nedved :

Milan Baros :

Zlatan Ibrahimovic :

Freddie Ljungberg :

source :

Ronaldinho Gaucho (no joke) :
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2 August 2004
lol great idea for a thread man.

Very interesting to see how some have the resemblance some I can't tell at ALL like Cannavaro, Zlatan and few others but some like Zidane, Morientes, Totti, Solskjaer, Emre and Klose amazing! haha :D

By the way is it me or does Cannavaro look a bit blonde in that picture of childhood? :confused:


21 November 2004
PLF said:
By the way is it me or does Cannavaro look a bit blonde in that picture of childhood? :confused:
It happens sometimes. My brother was blonde till he was 10 and now he has very dark hair. Strange but possible :-k .


2 August 2004
Yeah I myself am another example of what you're saying so I def believe it ;). I wouldn't say I was blonde but I had light brownish hair and it's apparent in many pictures but that was when I was 5-10 now i have PURe black hair! Very weird but anyways that picture looks a bit more blonde than I was however maybe its sun I dont know.


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13 July 2004
I think that Ronaldinho pic is actually of Ronaldo Nazario, based on skin tone (clearly lighter than Ronaldinho de Assís) and on the fact that Ronaldo was actually dubbed Ronaldinho in his early days in the Brazil National Team, which shirt he is wearing. That's why I think that's actually Ronaldo - plus, it resembles more to him than to Ronaldinho.


lol Totti looks like one of those smug higher class rich kids, who just has to clicks his fingers and gets what he wants from daddy.


Totti is a twat like most of the Italian players. Dirty, greasy, racist buggers . . .
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