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For everyone who was worried about the gamepads


26 November 2005
I'm using the Bigben 360 controller for PES as the d-pad is much better. The triggers are't as good though and I hate the sticks (build quality isn't as good either). However, I still find it better than the Microsoft 360 controller for PES. I've got an XE 360 controller coming soon which has better sticks AND a much better d-pad. :)
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League 1
4 April 2005
xe 360 controller looking so much like the ps2 controller
if it is better to play pes6 xe 360 controller then i might get one maybe


22 March 2003
Bunch of nerds on that site, completely ignoring that it's all about PES baby...

To be honest, I like the 360 pad...in fact I love it. Do I love it for PES? No way, it's crap. The D-pad and tiggers are rubbish.

I won't be happy until there's a dual shock adapter or Seabass himself comes out with this new MS Seabass controller and publicly endorses it for PES.
7 August 2004
the xe is a licensed 3rd party. Just wondering about the xe if the start/pauze button wont get in the way when playing. really dont see the point in having them there. Will shop around and look for a decent d-pad one as the standard d-pad just aint up to it.
7 August 2004
Anyone had any experience with this one?:








reviews all seem positive, with the last one giving a mention of the d-pad.

Think ill get this
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oh god, i hate third party controllers, i went through about 4-5 when i had a ps2. One even advertised as wireless using 2AA batteries, i opened it to find it used 3AAA's.
Apart from that they always feel really weird to play on.

As for the 360 controller and PES, when i switched consoles it took me an hour of PES5 on the 360 to adjust and play at my usual standard. i really dont think its that much of a problem
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