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1 April 2005
When I am trying to change players in my formation, I am given the option of an auto change of the line-up by pressing Start when beside a player name. This then changes the starting 11. Does this method select the strongest possible starting 11 for that particular formation based on ability or what?


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29 June 2005
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Yeah mate, exactly that ;), in a nut shell it selects the best player for a position using the current formation as a blueprint (working with regards to your chosen formation).:). expanding on that, say you are man united and you are using the 4-4-2 formation, but you have ronaldo with green condition(moderate) starting and wide right, giggs with blue condition(poor) at wide left and J.S.park on the bench with red condition(highest) pressing start will almost certainly put ronaldo either on the left (as he can play both sides) remove giggs and bring on J.S.park on the right, or put ronny on the bench and bring on park for him excetra....... pretty neat feature, but knowing konami, i bet they'll take it out for the next version :roll:
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the auto select fuction has been in evey version of pes from what i can remeber atleast back untill 3.

at it give you the option of what the auto select will do. if you go to the "top menu" in formations as it calls it and select "simple settings" and it will give the option of picking the best team baed on either ablity or condition.

"plyr Use:ablity"
"plyr Use:condition"
and you can have it so the computer automaticly does your subs if you want. i presumse this is based purely on condition thou so if someone gets too tired the somp will sub him for ya


League 2
30 August 2005
it also changes it to best teamwork stat aswell i believe, and when u press :circle: on tactic screen, where it says teamwork, auto select modifies it to best on that,
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