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Forum Dream Team

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C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
Got this in my PM Inbox this morning. I assume it involves us putting our stats in the game and getting a team together.

Good morning guys, I really want to suggest to those interesed in joining or signing up their Dream Team up for a league to read the following info. WEmaniacs will be hosting the first Dream Team League starting 01 October 2005 and we'd like to cordially invite any teams inthe community who are interested. Please take a look at the tentative schedule and feel free to contact any of the WEmaniacs staff for more info.

This is a great opportunity to realize what so maney WE/PES have been thriving for a very long time. With the cooperation of the forums throughout the community, this can be a great deal of fun not only for people in the forum but for eveyone involved

This schedule was created totally at random with the custom league creation of WE9. Teams in green depict those already in the league and being worked into the Master Option File. Teams in red were picked at random as fillers for the league. PLEASE NOTE, that those red teams are not set in stone and can be changed if we so desire. Also, should more Dream Teams around the community wish to join the league they will replace one of the teams currently in red. On the flip side, if for whatever reason one of the Dream Teams currently in green do not have their stats ready and in the Option File by the 30 September deadline, they will be removed from the league and replaced by another random team in the game.

Teams Currently in League
1. WEmaniacs
2. Wolf Hook's Elite
3. d'Galacticos
4. Mike's HHH
5. Real Madrid
6. AC Milan
7. Liverpool
8. Juventus

Fixture 1
WEmaniacs - Real Madrid
d'Galacticos - Liverpool
AC Milan - Juventus

Fixture 2
Juventus - WEmaniacs
HHH - AC Milan
Real Madrid - Liverpool
WHE - d'Galacticos

Fixture 3
WEmaniacs - HHH
d'Galacticos - Juventus
Liverpool - WHE
AC Milan - Real Madrid

Fixture 4
WEmaniacs- d'Galacticos
Real Madrid- HHH
WHE - AC Milan
Juventus - Liverpool

Fixture 5
WHE- WEmaniacs
Liverpool - AC Milan
HHH - d'Galacticos
Real madrid - Juventus

Fixture 6
AC Milan - WEmaniacs
Juventus - WHE
d'Galacticos - Real Madrid
HHH - Liverpool

Fixture 7
WEmaniacs - Liverpool
Real Madrid - WHE
Juventus - HHH
d'Galacticos - AC Milan

Fixture 8
Real Madrid - WEmaniacs
Liverpool - d'Galacticos
Juventus - AC Milan

Fixture 9
WEmaniacs - Juventus
AC Milan - HHH
Liverpool - Real Madrid
d'Galacticos - WHE

Fixture 10
HHH - WEmaniacs
Juventus - d'Galacticos
WHE - Liverpool
Real Madrid - AC Milan

Fixture 11
d'Galacticos - WEmaniacs
HHH - Real Madrid
AC Milan - WHE
Liverpool - Juventus

Fixture 12
WEmaniacs - WHE
AC Milan - Liverpool
d'Galacticos - HHH
Juventus - Real madrid

Fixture 13
WEmaniacs - AC Milan
WHE - Juventus
Real Madrid - d'Galacticos
Liverpool - HHH

Fixture 14
Liverpool - WEmaniacs
WHE - Real Madrid
HHH - Juventus
AC Milan - d'Galacticos

Hosting for Week 1
WEmaniacs - Real Madrid ( Hosted by HHH mgr)
d'Galacticos – Liverpool ( Hosted by WEmaniacs mgr)
AC Milan – Juventus ( Hosted by WHE mgr)
WHE – HHH ( Hosted by d’Galacticos mgr)

For more info please go to
Yup it is a team consisting of us lot, some more rules from their site.

1: 18 players per team
2: 1800 point limit for outfield players. 30 points minimum for all attributes bar goalkeeper skills which can be 1
3: 1200 points for keepers and you can only have that position. All attributes can only be 30 minimum.
4: Only Two attributes within the 95-99 range are allowed.
5: Only three attributes allowed within the 90-94 range allowed.
6: 16 points for other attributes (consistency,weak foot etc.) the minimum being 2 points only.
7: Two positions only then each additional position costs 15 points from your attributes, then 30, then 60 and so on.
8: Your player may have three special abilities if his injury constitution is A, four if it is B and five if it is C.
So is anyone interested or should I write it off as a bad job?
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C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
inter_211 said:
Its like creating an evo-web team ??
It is yes, with us lot as players.

All I want to know at the moment is if anyone is interested, we will move onto what else I need should we have enough players


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
Create yourself in the game using the rules in the first post. Your manager forms a team and then the CPU plays matches to see who wins.


14 May 2005
Good news to see this gaining some interest.

I just wanted to add that your team can have a MINIMUM of 15 players if you have a hard time finding people. I doubt that will happen though.
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C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
It would be best waiting to see if we can get the 15 players first


14 May 2005
Hello again, I don't mean to interfere and this will the last post I make in this thread but I have had a team up and running for months so I would like to offer some advice if I may.

If you want to wait till you do have the right amount of players that is fine but I found it best to let players add their stats and appearance data as soon as they have it, that way someone can go ahead and create them in the option file straight away, if you leave it then you may have to sift through loads of posts to find one player later on.

The option file has been posted on our forum but I am sure your team manager already has that. Just clear up first of all if you do decide to go ahead with this, the team next to the WEmaniacs (Partizan Belgrade) has been reserved for MikeHHH's team on our forum. Better clear that up because if the time comes for you to edit details we don't people saying "Hold on, that is all wrong" So the team you will need to edit is Glasgow Rangers.

I have found as well as other managers that to promote interest in this it is good to have screenshots of the players once you have created them, it helps to generate interest and people can actually see progress being made.

We have gone as far as making up pictures and newsletters, it is a bit involved and time consuming but the members love it! Maybe someone on here would like to get involved with that?

Another thing is having a good kit, I am sure you could get ::JJ:: or Kel to design you something pretty stunning.

Anyway, best of luck with it and I hope to see you all on board.
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Il Capitano
19 August 2003
FC Internazionale
Just keep them ready with you till we have 15 players i guess.
But we should try to make balance if we do get 15 players.
like we'll have to make slots now to fill them in.
like 2 GK's 5 DF's 5 MD's 5 AT's ?

yeah and there's one thing, what about the height ?? can he be like 205 cm no restirictions? ???


2 August 2003
im gonna make me now woooooo

I think everyone should state their prefared position before starting the stats

id say use the height you are in real life, get it as realistic as possible :D


2 August 2003
ill be centre mid/attacking mid (OMF in PES/WE language) ;)

i hate the way you only get 16 points for foot accuracy n stuff.

oh well.

makin my player now.

make sure everyone states there position, no point havin 18 strikers lol
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