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28 February 2002
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We did these in the past, is anyone interested in doing it again with WEManiacs?
First off, what is a dream team (DT)? Well it is a fictional team made up of a collection of forum members.

Each member of the DT will create themselves in their version of Pro Evolution Soccer and post their details in a thread set up by a DT manager. These details include the player creation details such as eye colour and hairstyle etc, right down to if they like having tape around their ankles.

From that a player then needs to create his attributes by using the following list.

Outfield players Rules
1: 18 players per team
2: 2000 point limit for outfield players. 30 points minimum for all attributes bar goalkeeper skills which can be 1
3: Only three attributes within the 95-99 range are allowed.
4: Only four attributes allowed within the 90-94 range allowed.
5: 18 points for other attributes (consistency, weak foot etc.) the minimum being 2 points only.
6: Two positions only then each additional position costs 15 points from your attributes, then 30, then 60 and so on.
7: Your player may have four special abilities if his injury constitution is A, five if it is B and six if it is C.

Goalkeepers Rules
1: 1400 points total.
2: Goalkeeping ability and Response is limited to 95 points max.
3: Goalkeepers can have any other three attributes between 90 - 94 max.
4: Goalkeepers can have free-kick and Offense set to one point.
5: Goalkeepers get three special abilities regardless of injury constitution.
6: 18 points for other attributes (consistency, weak foot etc.) the minimum being 2 points only.

Consistency, Condition, Weak foot accuracy and weak foot frequency are 18 completely separate stats, they are not included in the overall 2000 points allowed.

The actual playing of a match is CPU Vs CPU only and there is no actual online play with the teams, the idea is to get members more active on the boards.

We have a league in place as well as rules to follow and the matches themselves are actually recorded and then made available for players to watch.
We'd need a manager who can host a game a week and capture the match.


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