Foul mouth ken bates:"Leeds players are s***!"



FOUL-MOUTHED Ken Bates has been caught on camera launching an outrageous f-word attack on his Leeds players, insisting: "They are s***!"

The Leeds chairman was filmed giving his X-rated rant to fans outside Elland Road.

The former Chelsea chief is seen storming: "If you look at the team we've got... I'm not gonna comment on individual players, that will not be fair. Look at the s*** we've got, but we're stuck with 'em till the end of the season.

"So the first thing I gotta hope, is, please God, we'll get to the play-offs. If not, we bloody stay in the Championship and get rid of all the s***.

"All the players whose contracts are up in May, June, July start again. I've done it all before, done it at Oldham, done it at Wigan, done it at Chelsea, doing it at Leeds.

"You have to be very patient and very hard working and you have to take a lot of s*** in the process. It's long-term here. I'm not being funny, guys, you've gotta tell your friends ‘be patient'.

"Meanwhile, make sure you keep buying your tickets — we need the f***ing money."

Bates was filmed after Leeds' humiliating 4-0 home defeat to Stoke last Saturday which left the club deep in the Championship relegation mire.

It got worse on Sunday as Leeds were hammered 5-1 at Luton.

In the video, Bates also spoke about his desire to "f***" Chelsea after accusing them of tapping-up two of Leeds' young players.

And on the video, Bates storms: "If you think about Leeds, the biggest city outside London, they're creaming off all the talent – that's why f***ing Chelsea nicked two of ‘em.

"That's why we're sueing ‘em-we'll get £6-7m."

Another fan interrupts: "What, so are we getting summit?"

Bates: "Oh yeah, we're gonna f*** ‘em – oh, it's a technical term.

"I'm the only guy running Leeds United Football Club never to take a f***ing penny out of the club.

"I'm planning to build Leeds, which affects you. I'll be dead when you're applauding the next generation, our home-grown players."

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