Free Kick Mastery

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Let's talk about free kick here.

who's ur fave player to take the free kick ?
what's ur fave freekick situation (short range ? long ? left side or right side)

and last please do share ur free kick tips :)


me, since i play arsenal n juve. i use del piero n henry. in arsenal actually pires can be a nice variation if the range is too short, but now he already moved to vilareal .. :sad:, but u know what rosicky is far better than him 8)

for del piero, i think he's a short range free kick taker, since don't have good stat on shoot power. up to about 23m i think he's ideal freekick taker.

for short to mid range FK, i usually press :square: while holding down. until the power is about inch to half, release :square: n press:x:

for mid to long range FK i usually do the same, but i use :triangle: button instead of :x: n ofcourse add some power to the power bar just a bit.

how bout u guys ?
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There's already a topic on Free Kicks right under this one.

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