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Funding Idea?


9 January 2002
Not sure if something like this has already been discussed, but couldn't there be a way to help fund the site by members.

I know there is a typical donation option, but what about something that can both help the site and a member also?

On another site, they where thinking of generating money and one option I thought of was like a first goal of the day in for example the English Leagues. Where you would pay £1 (presume paypal is a donation option on here?) for a team (chosen randomly) and whoever came up in say the Sky Sports tv vidi-printer as the first team to score would get a 50% of the money brought in. Means another 50% would goto the site.

Not sure if anyone could be arsed, but just an idea. :mrgreen:



Executive Janitor
28 February 2002
Darlington FC
Sounds interesting mate, kinda like the 50/50 draw idea but online. I'll add it to the list of things I should do at some point. :)
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