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Funny / Bizarre / Cool Videos, Animations etc


5 July 2004
Coventry, UK
I figure it'll be a good idea to have a topic such as this, so people can post some of the newest comedy videos / animations to blaze the net. I'll start, with one a mate showed me last night. So random but very funny!


"I'm a hippopotamus, and I've got noodles on my back, noodles on my back, noodles on my back..." :lol:


That's My Boy!


MMO Nerd


Bad Parents


Lions and Tigers in Kenyaaaaa


How to dance like a white guy

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28 February 2002
Darlington FC
Re: Funny / Bizarre Videos, Animations etc

> >>>Imagine this...
> >>>You just came to Texas Tech University as a freshman...
> >>>
> >>>You are SO PROUD that you have been chosen to pump up the crowd as the
> >>>school's "BELL RINGER" during the big game...
> >>>
> >>>Your whole family, all of your friends, and 15 million ESPN viewers
> >>>see you on Saturday's telecast ringing the team's bell...
> >>>
> >>>But due to the tragically unfortunate placement of the bell, the
> >>>camera and your body...
> >>>
> >>>Your whole family, all of your friends, and 15 million ESPN viewers,
> >>>see you doing something that DOES NOT appear to be ringing the team's
> >>>bell AT ALL...
> >>>
> >>>Sometimes, Point of View is everything.



Re: Funny / Bizarre Videos, Animations etc

i must have missed something regarding that bush and berlusconi clip...


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11 April 2005
Re: Funny / Bizarre Videos, Animations etc

Whoa..that dude has far too much free time lol.

Here's a clip from Arsenal's european game against Ajax. Henry plays a little trick on the away team mascot :lol: It's off Soccer AM's 3rd eye and it's funny as fook!!

Henry Trick

Oh and here's another clip from Soccer AM, a lad called crazy daves does a bit of tractor racing :lol: This is quality...a must see for all you sports fans lol.

Crazy Dave
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C Dub
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6 October 2001
Re: Funny / Bizarre Videos, Animations etc



Guille, no te olvidare!!!
1 July 2005
New York, NY
Boca Juniors, Legia
Re: Funny / Bizarre Videos, Animations etc

:lmao: :lmao:

Hahahahaha, that's absoultely fucking priceless, it really does sound like what they wrote out, HAHAH.


6 August 2004
Re: Funny / Bizarre Videos, Animations etc

i absolutely love the hipppo with the noodles on his back.

that song is gonna be in my head for some time...
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