future pro evo's for ps3


30 June 2005
Will we have the ability to mod pro evo for ps3 like we can for pc i.e kitserver?
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7 September 2006
I am sure that once the next verion of the game comes out, someone will be working out a way of patching on the ps3, its an awsome machine, there must be a way surely. There is of course the possibility that it might not need any patching!!! we can only hope.


6 May 2003
Stockholm & Bristol
I opened a thread about this a while back as the relatively open structure of the PS3 looks like making the possibility of running a program like Juces kit server a reality.

The problem seems to be getting the PS3 to run a seperate program at the same time as a game. The X-Box360 does something like this in that you can insert your own audio when playing certain games meaning that the game is running and the audio is streamed from another source.
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