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game crashes problems




i've downloaded a torrent of Pro evo 5 with superpatch 3.0, installed the game then installed the super patch , carefully following the intstructions, then when i load the game , then start a game , it goes to the "game loading screen" , flashes loading about one , two times then the whole thing just "crashes"/quits and goes back into windows.

any one give me some help ?


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would that actually work, because i'm getting that exact same problem but i'm using a different option file. I got mine off a torrent to, must be the same one. I think it's something to do with new option files, cos mine only started to break when i used it. The wierd thing was that it worked fine for about 5 days, then suddenly broke, now it's been dodgey ever since. my advice to you would be to delete the option file, and then restart the game, it will create a default option file which should run fine. you'll lose all your stuff though.
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