Game Crashes To Desktop!!



I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but my game wont go any further than it is now.

I finished the first season of my master league and am now playing friendlies and buying players. I am currently at the second game and it wont play! Sometimes it crashes at the player/squad select screen and sometimes it happens while playing the match. (The team I am playing is Inter and im Middlesbrough)

I have tried:

Changing kits
Changing starting lineup
A normal match (just quick match, did the same)
Virus scan

Next thing is just a reinstall of game. I am using the PESfan optionfile.

Any ideas?


Reinstalling is poitnless, ive tried. I havent been able to play for atleast a day now, and theres been no suggestions that have worked so far in the three threads ive posted in.


28 September 2003
This is happening to me also.... Im nearly at the piont of scrubbing my hardrive. PLEASE if any of u computer whizkids know how to fix this problem let us know


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5 February 2004
did you try deleting or cutting and pasting (to a diff. loacation) the replays if any? sometimes those become corrupt.also try setting your resolution and in game settings to LOW - so resolution is 640x480 and detail is LOW, play around with that.

post your specs too, that might help :)


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14 September 2003
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im having the same problem along with about 4-5 people on different forums. Into a season and a half of master league and one day the match screen wouldnt load. Crashes either on the formation screen or 10 seconds into a game. Windows error appears. Tried deleting my option file and playing around with some stuff but the error creeps up, just not straight away. No real fixes out yet i dont think


i dont expect this from konami, I hope this is mentioned in the PS2 vs PC thread, cause if i knew i wouldnt be able to play for weeks on end i wud have gotten the ps2


4 April 2003
Had the exact same problem after the first negotiating period. I just removed kitserver and everything worked fine. (the problem is that I don't know if you are using kitserver)


15 September 2005
My PES is crashes also.
Got it on the release date... have been patching away using Kitserver and noticed no issues.
Yesterday, the game freezes around 2 seconds into the squad / tactics selection screen, and I have to do a total reboot.

After taking out kitserver, it still wouldn't work.
After a total re-install, it still freezes up!!!!

AArrgh!! I need PES!!
Seems this is a probably for a good few people now.
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16 July 2004
I have same problem.

uninstal kitserver & remove.

re install your back up working option file

re install your back up 0_text.afs file

This will fix it.
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