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Game difficulty.



Having just installed SP 4.0 I need help. :P
I cannot change my difficulty in ML in general Settings. I move up one diff. every season(I am up to 5 right now and want 6). I want to raise it, but it dosen't let me in SP4.0(needs to be unlocked?). I want to do this without recreating another ML b/c i have custom team and lots of good rookies. :D
Help me...
If it needs to be unlocked, anyone have that option file that works with SP4.0?


13 February 2006
Göteborg, Sweden
IFK Göteborg
Cant u just unlock the 6 stars in the Pes-Shop ? It's found under options from the main menu. If u dont have enough Pes-points, try some training-sessions, start various cups and win games and u'll soon have points enough to unlock it.
There are optionfiles where all items are unlocked also..try those, makes all the classic players available for purchase in the master league though :/
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