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Game Froze, help please ?



I have had same problem in PES5 & PES6. Sometimes the game just froze. Its can happen in menus or middle of game. The game just stop and its lag like 10-20 second and then its continue normaly. Its okay if you are playing singleplayer game but in online in sucks because its disconnect you at the game and you get disconnect lose. Its not happend any other game. I have tested FM2007, FEAR, COD2, CS:S etc etc...

Any help ?

I have new drives in nvdia and i have formated computer and re-installed Windows.

3400+ AMD64
2gt ddr
Nvidia GF7600GS


10 July 2006
I have a black screen sometimes after the first half, sometimes I just hear the crowd but the scren is dark and no second half... some times it takes about 2 mins and then goes back to the 2nd half start but some will let me there with the dark screen
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