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Game Updates - More Detailed Changelogs

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Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
With every update for the game, the changelogs are so vague that they leave room for the imagination to see gameplay changes that haven't been made. This happens every year, with every PES update file.

This line specifically makes the community believe there have been gameplay tweaks every single time:

Please could we have more detailed changelogs that confirm gameplay changes, or explicitly say "no gameplay changes" when none have been made?


11 November 2016
I'm on PC

from DLC 1 , starting position on Kick ff and PK are changed, that relink to a placement change..

about gameplay i'm making video with the two differents exe , so people stop to say bullshit
It's not a placebo effect.

also exe have different size

of course @yair25 is able to understand what is changed on the exe file
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