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Gamepad Player 1, keyboard Player 2??!!


13 February 2006
Hello lads,

Today I recieved my ordered gamepad, so I was ready to rumble against my little brother. But I would like to have my gamepad as controller #1 (player 1) and my keyboard as controller #2 (player 2). This is for a couple of reasons:

1) With that I can control the game-settings before a match with the gamepad.
2) With that I can also play ML with my gamepad

I have now set up my gamepad to controller 1, but in the controller 2 button config. (also just in windows with the PES settings-program) I can only choose the gamepad and NOT the keyboard. In the button config. of controller 1 i can choose between them, but not in the button config. of controller 2. It says with the button config. of player 1 (controller 1) that I can choose between the gamepad and the keyboard. In the button config. of player 2 I can only choose the gamepad!

Maybe you know what to do so I can configure my player 2-buttons to the keyboard?! For now I have the gamepad for player 1, but for player 2 nothing. So now I can't multiplay :(

Thanx in advance!


17 December 2005
You Can't make the keyboard the second player , it must be the first player make it easy to yourself and make the pad the second player or buy another gamepad to play with it with your brother
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