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Hey guys, I was wondering if a gamepad is worth buying for this game. My mate told me it is, but what do you guys think?


16 October 2004
Definitely, playing with the keyboard sucks.
You might want to use one of your Playstation Dual Shock (2) controllers.
You'll need a PS2/PC Controller Adapter like the Super Dual Box (Pro).
I use the Super Dual Box (which works perfectly) that I bought from this shop:

But they only sell the Pro version now.
I bought that as well for another PC and had some problems with it with PES5.
The in-game controller config didn't recognize my controller correctly with the SDB Pro adapter.
But it did from the Windows Pes5 settings utility.
And I had to change the button mode to make the d-pad work.
Analog worked fine.
Anyone else tried the Super Dual Box Pro with PES5?

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19 July 2005
go on and buy the dual usb adaptor thingy. then you can use that to connect your playstation controller into the pc.

Football Freak

Ok, thanks mates I'm ordering one now:)
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