5 July 2004
Coventry, UK
*permission for this thread granted by CW*

Hi guys, I don't think I've ever plugged a website on here but I felt the need to make this one known.

Its a game swapping website as the address suggests. You can sign up for free (as a Silver member) and get one credit, which equals one swap. So each swap costs 1 credit, and you can purchase 10 credits for £4.50. Or you can sign up as a Gold member at get 10 credits that way.

You add games to your list that you want to swap and also add games to a Wishlist, which are games you would like. Once you've done this, you can say, click on a game on the list that you own and see what people want it. If you see a game on their list that you fancy, then you can offer to swap.
Likewise you can look at what people have the games on your 'Wishlist' and see what games they're after.

Once you've settled for a swap you send your game to the Gameshare warehouse via the postal class of your choice, and once Gameshare have received both games and checked to see that they work okay, they send them out to each person.

Its a website thats quite early in its life and the owner posts on the official Xbox forums and answers queries that people have. There, he has said that in the future he wants to add a 'Condition' meter / level type thing so you can say what condition each of your games is in, as well as multiple swaps of games for 1 game i.e. 4 Xbox games for 1 Xbox 360 game.

Anyway, I think it has great potential. I have yet to successfully swap a game (I've had one swap turned down and one currently pending) so have such signed up as a Silver member until I see how it pans out. People on the Xbox forums have swapped games and have given positive feedback for the site. Anyway, my name on the site is flawl3sscowb0y so see if you want any of my games. I'm after Tiger Woods 07 in particular ;)
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