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[General Discussion] What have you been playing this week?


One year wonder
7 October 2012
MUFC and NY Knicks
What I will be playing for the rest of the year

Dragon age inquisition
Assasins creed unity
Far cry 4
PES 2015
Alien isolation

That should hold me over to FEB of next year when the Order and Witcher ship
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il regista
8 August 2005
Þórshöfn, Føroyar
Besides Football Manager 15 I play The Long Dark. A nice survival game resided in the Canadian wilderness. Although I suck at it (Record: 1 day 7 hours survival) I really love the atmosphere the game creates.


Yamato Gaijin
23 October 2004
Hokkaido Japan
Liverpool FC
Assassins Creed Unity, Drive Club, Sniper Elite 3 (multiplayer - after a long break from this I am now terrible at it) and Winning Eleven 2015. All on PS4.


League 1
13 January 2005
United Kingdom
Xbox1 - Call of Duty Advance Warfare, Dragon Age Inquistion, Fifa 15, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive mp & WWE 2k15

ps3 - Deadly Premonition DC


9 January 2002
Still playing Watch Dogs. It's quite enjoyable, still think I see no difference with graphics between PS4 and PS3, lol, maybe I just can't really spot it too much, although granted I've only played a few games Watch Dogs, PES2015 and Plants vs Zombies.

Have to admit I'm liking the looks of PES2015, although just started, doing editing.



9 January 2002
Have moved on from Watchdogs, was quite good, and started on COD: Advanced War, was actually pretty good. Just played it solid along with PES2015 this past week. Now starting on Alien Isolation.

Have downloaded Outlast and Game of Thrones too. (still need to get back to playing TWD: Season 2).

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