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General Feedback Area Rules

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12 December 2001
Before entering, please note that this forum is a MUCH STRICTER FORUM than the others, because it MUST BE KEPT CLEAN AND EASY-TO-READ. Your posts may be deleted for the following reasons...

The idea of this forum is to provide CLEAR, and preferably evidenced (by game footage), game feedback for easy presentation to the game's developers.

Feel free to challenge feedback that you disagree with, but again, this must be clear and preferably evidenced.

Posts like "shooting is broken" with no further detail - and responses like "no it's not" with no further reasoning - WILL BE DELETED, because without detail, it's not so much feedback as it is trolling.

OFF-TOPIC POSTS, INSULTS ETC. WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING (and if you moan about it, you will face an infraction).

There will only be one thread per issue allowed. Duplicates will either be merged or deleted.

If feedback is deemed to be contentious, we may (or you may) create a poll so that everyone has a better idea of whether there is a consensus about the issue.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.
Not open for further replies.
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