Getting wound up


12 May 2007
Does anyone know any work arounds for Master League on PES6?

I just get wound up. I play on "regular" level but can never score cos Castolo and Ordaz's shooting levels are so pathetically small and the defence leaks more than a sieve! When i play a season with someone like Chelsea i always play wellenough to be battling for the league championship, but when i play ML i can rarely win a match cos of how crap the stats are of the players of the team.

Anyone got any tips cos i'm getting wound up a treat at the moment and have been for tha past couple of months!!!!

Cheers all!
29 December 2006
Manchester United
well its a while since I last played with the default team but dont use ordaz theres a better finisher on the subs bench, try using a sweeper if the defence is bad i find this quite usefull with teams such as Nigeria etc


not being cocky but i find i can play on the hardest level with the defaults. not nessecarly winning everygame but i can usually manage to scrape a 1-0 or 2-0 win. mostly draw though. i tend to play 433. ximelez and the other smf are IMPERITIVE to your team! use them most.


League 1
11 July 2006
You have to play a completely different game. When using Chelsea you can just slap a through ball about 40yards then finish top corner from outside the box. Whereas with the shite teams like default ML, you have to pass pass pass, hardly any through balls, and dribble one over the line if you're lucky.

Depends if you like 3 passes and a long shot football, or 87 passes and a tap-in football. :|
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