Give me my dirt back

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7 August 2004
Is it me or there's an issue about the dirty clothes?
It seems that while the match progresses the kits and shorts are still clean.
What I mean is, that I think they removed the dirt.
Please correct me or inform me.


26 July 2003
Yeah I noticed that too. I always thought it was a nice touch, the players getting dirty. So far, in WE10 I have not seen any dirt on the players shorts/socks, so I am afraid Konami must have removed it.


25 April 2006
Hadn't noticed that but now that you mention it.
I can only imagine that since the PS2 is at its complete limit with WE10, they had to remove it to put the crowds back in or get rid of the slowdown.


3 August 2005
Sunny Manchester, UK
The Red Devils
Maybe they realised that people weren't too happy when one player falls over and the whole team got dirty shorts.

The PS2 just hasn't got enough texture memory to handle 22 unique strips, maybe PS3.... LOL, only kidding. :roll: guess the PC would have had it if that was the case, along with unique creases in the shirts...
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