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GK's most important stas



Heya Winningers,
what do you think r the most important stats a good GK migth have to make differece?

imho when i choose a GK i look : DEFENSE -RESPONSE - GOAL KEEPER STAT (in the last page) and AGILITY.

it would be nice make a poll maybe?


I guess consistancy is a key stat aswell, higher it is the less chance they have of making mistakes, which is the last thing you want for a GK.

Never understood why they need good balance though.


Champions League
7 August 2005
I wonder about stamina as I notice that some keepers get tired very early in a match, so perhaps they will have poorer concentration late in the game, so make more mistakes.

And what do you guys think the goalkeeping stat covers? If agility means his ability to dive around quickly, reaching more difficult balls. I've tried lowering the goalkeeping stat and they tend to fumble shots a lot more, so is that mainly his ball-handling skills? What about positioning for shots? There are also various special attributes, like gk-anti-dribble and stuff, which I guess means he's good in 1-on-1s.
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