23 January 2005
That day I played PES 6 PC with my cousin against the PC. After Real Madrid's Casillas was redcarded for a innocent tackle in the penalty box (straight redcard), Fabio Cannavaro stood in as the goalie. The computer didn't even ask me which player I want to stand in as the goalie.
Of course i lost the match.

Strange things happen, right?

Hectic Glenn

League 2
14 May 2006
Tottenham Hotspur
Indeed, well if you went to formation settings you could put any player in the team over the GK position to put them as goal keeper. Usually you'd put a striker in the position, then substitute the striker for a goalkeeper on the bench, which is what you should have done.

Today, I was playing against Real Madrid, and Casillas came to the edge of the box to catch the ball, but went out his territory - dropped the ball, where I volleyed it past his beaten torso. Lucky break.


3 September 2005
my keeper got red carded in an online match, when the striker was running with the ball towards the corner flag, AWAY from the goal. how is that denying a goal scoring opportunity? :-k


24 March 2006
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Wonder if it's just Real Madrid's Casillas that gets red carded, twice he's been sent off for me. Both for fouling the oncoming player. Never had a problem with other keepers


yes i play with beckham in gol extra man on conners woooooooo
love winning with becks in gol LOVE IT


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30 April 2006
The Outback - Australia!
go go go gunners!
it happened to me. i did a dodgee tackle outside 18y with lehmann, then toure was in goals. lol i blocked a penalty with him later in the match! was a full fluke.

hilarious, i only lost 4 - 0. 4 goals conceeded from set pieces by the opposition.


2 December 2006
My Casillas too got red carded then i put Kuskak(spelling?) in goal it was in my ML same thing he fouled the on coming player.lol.Maybe its just for Casillas.


Ecchi otoko
26 November 2005
Okayama, Japan
Man Utd, Stockport County
I've had van der sar sent off twice for fouling someone... and both times it was Owen for Newcastle. Only keeper sent off for me in thousands of games played.


Ecchi otoko
26 November 2005
Okayama, Japan
Man Utd, Stockport County
Just got PES6 this weekend after sticking with PES5 for so long (no new option files coming).
I played the International challenge to start with and in the first 6 games, the computer has had the goal keeper sent off on two occasions when I tried to go around him and he brought me down.
Cech for Czech republic and the Romanian goalie(can't remember which).
This didn't happen in over a thousand games in 1 1/2 years on PES5.


1 January 2004
is me or is van da sar like the best goalie in the game? 9/10 he makes unrealistic saves that most goalies in the game cant even dream of saving
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