Goalie Taking A Corner


15 October 2002
Liverpool F. C
Thought I'd try my hand at the top level last night (Pro Evo 6 btw) - just to see how tough it would be.

Well, within 45 mins I'm 4 down to Argentina as Riquelme takes the p*ss with my one paced DMF (Xavi Alonso). I make a tactical change at half-time, setting Iniesta to man-mark the main main and come back to 4-1 but having the majority of possession and being unlucky with some decent half-chances.

Anyway, it's still 4-1, 15 mins to go, and the Argies have a corner on my right side. Next thing I know, their g/keeper is taking the friggen corner!!!

I manage to clear to the half-way line, to Reyes, so I take a shot, simply making sure it's on target and powerful enough think "yes, it's in!" only to see Ayala covering the 6-yard box!

Two things:
Does the Argentinian g/k take corners in real-life? I had never heard that before or was the CPU just taking the p*ss out of me for being so sh*te?
Despite it's numerous annoyances and bugs and omissions, the AI of Ayala covering back so deep in his own area was highly impressive.


Or not.......


wow, that is pretty cool. no idea how he did that, maybe select kicker > goalie, then edit position of Ayala to penalty box. i've never tried it mind

Pretty clever of the AI i guess :)


defenders automatically defend the goal if your goalie is far away from goal.
I've already seen such things in PES5
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