goalkeeper reaction ?


10 July 2005
Hello ,

im in a big discussion with a friend of mine ..
i always push the triangle button :triangle: if my opponent shoots on target or takes a freekick on goal i dunno if its superstition or true but i think that if hes shooting , the keeper reacts quicker and faster when i do that ..
can someone in here clear this up ? 8)
i play pro evo 5 on the pc at the moment

thanks !


Part Timer
21 February 2003
All the :triangle: button will do is make your keeper charge out of his goal, nothing else. So I'd have to agree with your friend here and say it doesn't help at all.

If you believe it helps, then keep doing it, just hope your friend doesn't just start to lob more shots in future. :lol:


26 October 2005
The only way it does help though is if the keeper comes out slightly and narrows the angle slightly making the save a little easier
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