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Goals scored in injury time does not add to goal tally for scorer


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7 June 2003
i was playing league, i was using man utd against newcastle united when Van Nistelrooy scored his 3rd goal(hat trick) in injury time to make it 3-0 for Man utd. But when i check the match reports for players, the description said something like " made great contribution to team victory by scoring 2 goals":shock:
then i went to check his goal tally for the league and it only increased by 2.. i was wondering if this only happen to me:roll: :roll:
what about u guys? ever experience things like taT?


24 November 2003
Man City
I have had it but not in injury time, I had Anelka score 4 in the 1st 21 mins against Man U and he was only credited with 3 goals, in the report there were only 3 goals mentioned despite Man U restarting 4 times



Sometimes it says "-insertgoalkeeper- 0"" when I score a goal. That's annoying.


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30 August 2005
NOT Lombardia NA.
It happened to me twice, too.. but I noticed one thing.. both the times it happened, the ball was deflected by an opponent, before going into the net.. but it showed my CF celkebrating and both the goals were attributed to him, during the match..

here's the proof:

don't pay attention to the formations below.. I was playing with my forum all-star team and this pic is the "fusion" of two different screenshots (scorers + votes) that I posted some time ago in my ML thread on that Italian forum..


World Cup Winner
30 August 2005
NOT Lombardia NA.
:( I often get against goals at 45+ or 90+ playing @ 6*.. it's kinda odious!! vs. Newcastle it was the only time I took a goal so early in a game.. or at least the only time I remember..
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