God of War vs Shadow of Rome



So i have little free time, but have heard great things about both of these games. Which one would you recommend over the other for a few hours a week of fun and entertainment?

. . or should i crack open MGS:Snakeater instead, since i havent touched it since i bought it?


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9 May 2003
you shold crack open your snake and use it on some chicago ho, instead of sitting around and playing video games!!!!! :)



If you only knew the fortunes of my snake lately. . . . .


I would recommend God of War over Shadows of Rome any day. I didn't like Shadows of Rome at all, I thought it would be great but it bored the pants off me in no time, having said that if you liked Onimusha you'll probably like it. As for God of War, this game has gotten fantastic reviews and it is a very good game, the graphics and sound are great but I'm a bit disappointed by the combat system, it borrows heavily from Devil May Cry but the combat is frustrating, the enemies are uneffected by you hitting them so their routines carry on regardless of whether you are hitting them or not, therefore it becomes impossible not to get hit. DMC 3 is far superior IMO but God of War is the one I'd recommend


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29 June 2005
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god of war?????? OMG!!! it's almost like game heaven when u hold the control pad with the disc in the PS2... i mean it's definitely cuttin'edge cosidering the current engine(PS2) it one i'ld recomend again and again!!!!!


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20 March 2003
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actually Shadow of Rome is a quite addictive game guys.
i am playing it for about a week now and i am really addicted to it though the difficulty becomes really ridicolous the further you proceed in the story unfortunately and it just made me mad.

anyway, shadow of rome is a good game but still nothing can beat Prince of Persia 2: Warrior Within!



Ok - so i bought GOW on impulse yesterday though i dont have time to play anything until i finish my masters degree in Decemeber. . . still, i couldnt resist paying the whole $50 fucking gouge my eyes out price. They may never drop the price on that badboy.


OH MY GOD!! This game (God of War) if fuckin' incredible. I havent had this much fun on a non-sports game since the original MGS on PS1. everything in this game is perfect. The cutscenes are specatuclar to view, the voiceovers actually fit quite well and the characters are just badass.

If you havent playued this game get of your ass and buy it. I am not an easy brotha to please when it comes to games, but this shizz is off the charts. :applause:


ps - for the record, i played the minigame where you can have sex with the chicks on the bed, and i made them come.

EVERY TIME!! :mrgreen:


23 April 2005
haha yes its a gr8 game : god of war..shadow of rome is gr8 too imo but has a different approach..for example you play with 2 characters..one for all the fighting and one for all the stealth missions..you should beat them both that was what i did..
god of wart has some amazing extra's too if u beat the game
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