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Good TV card for PES4


18 January 2003
I want to use my Playstation 2 with my monitor, so I am looking for a good TV card. I have already tried the Leadtek Winfast TV2000 Expert, but the image quality with S-video is very poor. The colors are bad, the image is pixelated and worst of all there is annoying motion blur which makes the game feel laggy. It seems the TV card cannot handle fast movements.

Does anyone have experience with a TV card that displays PES4 at least as good as a normal TV?


21 March 2004
Man Utd
It will be very hard, as your monitor may have a really high res, like 1280x720 or so, and the PS2 runs at 640 x 448, so it has to be upsclaed to your PC native res, and thus it will pixelate. It might work, I use a GeForce 6600, and play PES/WE, and its okay,a s long as you sit atleast 50cm back.
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