Gotta love a different shooting bar speed every live game


5 November 2001
What a fucking joke.

I can live with the LAG (actually, I can't, but whatever). But Konami has made something new to piss us off. Make the speed of the shooting bar on Live! twice (or more, differs every match, that's the fun part!) as fast as in an offline game.

Just played a game and got 15 chances, all shot them over the bar. I was pressing the button as short as possible.

I like the new shooting system OFFLINE, but apparantly Konami wanted to frustrate us even more as we are already are.


11 December 2002
online is just very very frustrating, sometimes i just feel like smashing the disc to pieces....then i play offline and my calm is restored.

although i just played fifa07 at a mates house and sheesh it's still the same heap-o-crap fifa has always been last time i checked years ago.....ppl say it's improved greatly???? *shudder*

my estimation of pes6 has just been restored


I love lamp
18 March 2006
So I am not the only one frustrated about the shooting system and shooting bar. Haven't played online tho. :) As it is now, I have decided to not play PES6 and maybe play FIFA or PES5: Liveware Edition until a Liveware Edition of PES6 or PES7. I know it is normal for a PES game to be weird at first, but some regressions to PES4 and PES3, and other things just being off or being glitchy or incomplete to me, I just cannot tolerate.
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