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Grandstand to end?

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C Dub
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6 October 2001
The BBC sports show Grandstand is to come to an end after 48 years.

The corporation said the programme will be phased out as part of an overhaul of coverage but sports will still be shown on Saturday afternoons.

Grandstand has been presented by the likes of Frank Bough, David Coleman, Des Lynam and Steve Rider.

BBC Director General Mark Thompson is expected to announce the changes when he gives details of a review of BBC output on Tuesday.

The project is aimed at making sure the BBC's programming and content meets the challenges of the digital, on-demand world.

Sports programming on Saturday afternoon originally ran within Grandstand.

But in recent years coverage has been broken down into individual programme segments such as Football Focus.

This year's coverage of the Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games were shown without the Grandstand banner.

It is thought events currently covered by BBC Sport within Grandstand, such as the Grand National and FA Cup football, will now also be given their own programmes.

BBC media correspondent Torin Douglas said: "BBC executives believe that in the new digital on-demand world, in which people consume news, sport and entertainment on computers and mobile phones as well as radio and TV, it is associated with the past rather than the future."
The only real surprise is that its taken them so long

:: JJ ::

Its had a good innings but the format of the programme has been tired for quite some time and I'm surprised it has lasted this long when sport on telly is almost 24/7 what with the majority of us having Sky. It got to the stage where all it was showing was third-rate sporting events, the likes of Football Focus and Final Score will no doubt become separate programmes but most people are either watching Soccer Saturday or looking at scores on t'internet.

The only question now is what shit will our licence fee be paying for instead? :-k
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Champions League
23 October 2004
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So no more cross-country from Gateshead, table tennis and third division water-polo (ok, so I went a little far there) - shame, but it had to happen. I shall remember it for the rugby league in particular in the late eighties - Martin Offiah, Ellery Hanley et al in your living room every Saturday - brilliant! Still ain't getting sky though.....
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