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Graphical issue - Advice.


15 January 2002
OK, so i'm getting glitchy horizontal lines ocassionally moving down the screen. It's not a big poroblem, not affecting anything but just irritating me.

What's most likely causing this?

Graphics card is a GEForce 7900GS, 2GB RAM and a Core2Duo 1.86ghz, so the system is fine.


9 November 2006
i used to have this problem :
in the last i found out:
it was about my grahpic card it getting too hot:(
simple answers
Q:dose your graphic card have a Fan?
A: no --------------> get one
Q:dose your card have a fan ?
A: check it ---- or buy a better one the because card is more important than the game
i had this problem before because i used to play the game in cup mood with my friend for about 3 to 4 hours.
well,the card gets hotter and The Middle Line start to get broken at the bottom of the screen
what i did to fix the problem
i didn't buy a new fan i used additianl one (external one)


I love lamp
18 March 2006
Actually it seems to be a simple case of not using V-sync. If your monitor refresh rate and your game freme rate are not synched with eachother, there will be tearing and you will also be able to see a line or tear moving up or down the screen.

Basically, force V-Sync in the "Performance & Quality" or similar on your display driver settings page.
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