Graphics Advice Please


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27 April 2003
I recently bought a new system with dual core etc

I can run some very decent games but pro evo is giving me the dreaded horizontal lines, its starting to wind me up

I only have a ATI Radeon 1650 I tried the ati drivers but they were hopeless, I have installed Omega, can anyone give me some possible settings to try please?

Im running it through a vga lead to my 32 inch hd tv



13 December 2002
Everton fc
is it the vsync line, or multiple lines, if its multiple lines there is nothing you can do about it, its a TV sync thing, have seen it on a few samsung TV's runnung pes on a 360, i also get it on my original xbox running though RGB.

Not sure exactly what it is possibly something to do with horizontal sync on the TV.

what res are you running it in?

On my 27inch LCD HDTV, i run it in 1080i through kitserver and its fine.
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