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Graphics Card for PES5


8 April 2005
I've recently migrated to PC version of PES 5 because i problems patching PS2 version.

It runs not too bad but a bit jerky.

I just have a kak ATi Radeon 9250 graphics card but I am going to upgrade within the next few weeks

Any suggestions on a card that runs PES5 perfectly without any little jerks and stuff.

The cheaper the better.



ManUnited academy
29 June 2005
Manchester United
hey!! :)
sorry to be off point but i just wanted to find out which graphic/video card i should get outta these two options, or basically which one is better, either a XFX GeForce 7300 GS 512MB or XFX 128Mb DDR3 GeForce 6600GT, any help will be really appreciated.... thanx :)


8 April 2005
The 2 cards I've had my eye on are ATi X800 and the GeForce 6600 GT which I beleive are 2 of the best for around £100-£120 at the moment.
Just wanted other peoples opinions 1st.


15 December 2005
Hi I have an ATI X800XL and with all the ATI control center settings on high, the game runs really well. However I have recently updated my graphics drivers and now the game is sluggish


8 April 2005
Thanks for that I'll bare that in mind.
Have you tried to roll back the driver to see if it makes a difference.
Strange that the new drivers would cause such a thing to happen when they're designed for improvement.


6 August 2004
I have had a XFX GeForce 6600GT (128 MB GDDR3 memory).
I was running PES maxed out, even when I turned on AA and AF. It looked like the picture was a little better, I use nHancer for that.
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