Graphics problem 7300GT


¡La Décima!
24 June 2004
La Décima
Real Madrid
I have just bought a new graphics card to play PES6 because the one I had made my game very slow. I bought Geforce 7300GT 256MB and the game runs smoothly... just in the first match I play, when a play a second match the screen gets full of black areas, white lines and something like that.
I tried to run the game using 3danalyze and this problem seems to diappear but the game goes very slow.
What can I do to solve it? Please help!!


maybe something wrong with your card.I do not have these problems when using GT7300

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Fales, I have a 7300GT in another computer and every single game has the problems you've described (Battlefield 2 is the worst, you get huge black polygon blocks flying all over the screen, and rocks that will flash and become massive, and then small again).

I haven't found a fix for it yet, and I've had the problems for six months now.


14 May 2007
I ues winfast nvadia7300GT 256.128bit~! This is my fist reply.My come from China and my English is very poor~!I very like to play pes2006~!But i do not have these problems when using 7300GT.
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