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Has This Happened To You? Different Scores?


26 February 2006

I was playing someone today, and I went 3-0 up. Then the game froze in mid-play. No during a pause.

"A cheat" i thought, so jumped on the old headset. The guy put his on and we started talking.

It seems to him, I was "adjusting settings from a throw in" and only 1-0 up.

Its as if we were playing two different games but we could talk to each other.

Thankfully, the guy was kind enough to quit as he was 1-0 down, not to mention my higher ranking (So thanks again mate!)

Anyone else have this?

Could the game be connecting to someone else?


League 1
4 April 2005
omg is it u mate? but that happent 2 days ago, or are we experiencing the same thing, when u where winning 1-0 up. i think u miss understood me (if it was u) it was a corner kick for me but drogba was taking the right corner kick, so i went to the setting put lampard on to take the corner, then the game froze, after that i could see someone was chating on my screen so i went to find out what was going on, as i didn't want u to think i was cheating as i was lossing, after that i quit the game, if its not u, then maybe that happent sometimes, which konami have to sorted out.
my gamer tag is PES5 if u can remember it if its not me then we still can have a game if u want? if u let me win hehe


26 February 2006
no it wasnt you mate!

It happend today to me. But it was different because none of us went into the settings.


Yep. This has happened to me twice now. Most recently I went 2-0 up then the game froze in the last minute of the game . On speaking to my opponent he told me that on his screen the score was 1-1.


League 2
6 July 2004
Southend United!
This happened to me too... I went 1 up and then thought I won the ball and went up his end to earn a corner...only for the other guy to say during that time he had gone and scored an equaliser and then a player was floating in mid-air! He's a fair player so I know it was the dodgy online game to blame!

Violated Gerbil

I'll tell you what happened to me, my God I will tell you...

1-0 up in the first half of extra time. The guy lets the clock run down at half time and the game freezes. After a few hours, he gives in and starts playing CoD. I, yes I, the Violated Gerbil, get a disconnect against my good name AND I lose 0-3.

That Fish Face, or whatever he's called, who works for Konami should be punched in the gut repeatedly until he sorts this out.
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