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Hate it or love it (2)

How do you like the single player experience?

  • Hate it

    Votes: 23 28.4%
  • Love it

    Votes: 42 51.9%
  • Haven't player an entire season yet at 5 or 6 stars

    Votes: 16 19.8%

  • Total voters


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
There's another poll with similar title. It's just that I want to do a poll about CHEATING MODE... I mean, sorry, SINGLE PLAYER MODE. We all know that Human vs. Human matches are funm but almost every game is fun in this mode. True, we love football so we love WE series upon the rest. But I'm worried about single player experience.

I think it's horrendous what they've done to it in these last years, disgracing completely the fun of playing it. Now it's a mess of cheats, stupid defenders and so... the worst of it being not the cheats of the opponent CPU players, but the fact that the game deliberately CHANGES the stats of your players (such as passes speed), direction of shoots (you can't really aim in 1 vs 1 against keeper most of the times) and it drives deflections straight to the CPU feet. Being those absolutely proved FACTS (only a fanboy could say it's not happening) I think thay have achieved an even worse single player eperience (and I thought it wasn't possible).

It has nothing to do with difficuly and nothing to do with the result of the match. It has to do with CONTROL, ENJOYMENT and FAIRNESS, words that everytime are farther from this series.

Please vote and please put in words if you agree or not with me, cause 3 weeks after having bought the game I'm already out of the single player experience, and I think I payed a lot for it, too much. I won't pay again for this cheating mess.


Champions League
7 August 2005
drekkard, take your own advice and stop playing the game.

I agree, it is an atrocious game, nothing to do with real football or real gameplay, just a scritped disaster.

I got fed up with "playing" it so did a few experiments with the AI, changing all the stats in the AI team to 1, giving them really bad formations (eg line all the guys down one touchline, etc, jsut to see what would happen, and the game still played exactly them same, with some massive cpu cheating going on. It made me realise how the game really works and how rotten it is at it's very heart.

So I haven't played it for a few days now and I feel much better for it. There are some really good games on the market thesedays (not football ones) which offer genuine gameplay and satisfaction, so play them instead, or do something else with your time.


all i can say is the more i play the more is dislike

All the satisfaction of scoring a goal is gone for me, completely
I score much more screamers outside the box than tap ins which bores me
The CPU still make the crappest runs, much more of a problem than in pes4 as the focus is on passing
Dribbling has gone from 'too easy' to 'best thing to do is pass it back' = borrrrrring

i could go on for days

i can honestly see fifa being better than pes5 this year :shock:

and believe me i want to like it, and ive tried hard to like it, but its a step back from pes4 in my eyes


All I can say, I absolutely love it.

99 % of the time I play versus with my friend and it just kicks ass.

We start playing every friday night, 6pm, until sunday night 8pm, with pauses of a few hours (to sleep and eat :D )


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
beatswiss said:
All I can say, I absolutely love it.

99 % of the time I play versus with my friend and it just kicks ass.

We start playing every friday night, 6pm, until sunday night 8pm, with pauses of a few hours (to sleep and eat :D )
If yuo read the first post you would have seen that we're voting about SINGLE PLAYER MODES and ultimately judging the vision of the game that Seabass has tried to put in single player, transforming it into a scripted experience where almost all of the matches are driven to an ecstatic ending of 0-0 or 1-0 results when you play at 5 or 6 stars difficulty.

OF COURSE this game totally rocks on HUMAN vs HUMAN modes, that's the only reason why I haven't sold or burned the game yet. Take into account that NO NEW FEATURES have been put into ML, for example...

So please take in consideration that this poll is not trying to judge the FULL GAME (I play and enjoy it a lot with my friends) but the way they have implemented difficulty and AI to the game resulting in an irritating experience no matter the result of the match.


This isn't the right forum to actually know if the game is better than the previous version or not, because most people in this forum aren't really that good in the game to realize if it is better or worse…


6 March 2003
the thing that gets me most is the 100% accuracy of the CPU's passes behind my full backs. when i try the same thing the ball always goes out for a throw-in.


I'm really disappointed. I used to play PES4 for 5 star difficulty against the computer and it was grand but now WE9 on 3 stars its a nightmare, they never score against me and no matter what I do I can't seem to score against them unless its a fluke or they make a major mistake. The matches feel totally scripted and its more like rolling a loaded dice than trying to improve your skill. Single player is a disaster, multiplayer thankfully is amazing.


Well, i think it's very good, the harder the better for me i got bored of beating cpu on 6* (PES4) by 4 or 5 goals, theres just no fun, now i feel like i have to work to win, which for me makes it more realistic.

Have to agree though playing against mates is where the game excells, sheer briliance!


League 2
3 August 2003
Gladbeck, Germany
Schalke 04, Liverpool FC
I nearly finished my first Premier League season and it looks like I´m going to finish fifth. It´s very hard at times, especially if teams play very defensiv with a 5 man midfield, but then again I play very good against Chelsea. Maybe the game is too real for some people, as you don´t get tonnes of goalscoring opportunities, so you should make the best out of the 4 or 5 you get in a match.


It's just a different experience against CPU. In fact, when I play against CPU, many matches end 0-0 or 1-0, or 0-1.

But when I play against my friend (actually we play since 1997 / Goalstorm) we get all kind of results (10 minute matches)

We actually take the game very serious, it's not just a game, for us it's a lifestyle. We keep track of every single result on a dedicated, self made 'score card'. We even nominate the 'winner of the day', or 'winner of session'. Sometimes we shout and jump all over the place after an important or spectacular goal :mrgreen:

Here is an actual scan of our original score card, a session from July (Winning Eleven 9 was not out yet, so we still played Liveware Evolution then). And Liveware Evolution means: Press :l1: + :triangle: :mrgreen:



League 2
19 August 2003
Completly agree with many of the opinions in this thread. My conclusion is that the single player mode is totally ruined. Have you experienced differences between exebition matches and tournaments/leagues? I think the level of cheating is greater on the latter one.

I keep playing and playing because I do really want to enjoy the game but instead I get pissed of over and over again. Sure it's possible to score nice goals but the time between those goals is just a pain.
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1 April 2003
I've been trying to be patient, telling myself that it'll just take some time to get used to the new version. But, unfortunately, I'm starting to lose faith.

My first reaction was that WE9 played an awful lot like the ol' ISS Pro Evolution on the PS1: slower pace, little room to dribble, need to focus on prudent build ups, etc. I tried throwing out all of my habits from previous WE incarnations, but found that isn't helping me. Scoring against the CPU is very difficult, and when you do so it's usually with a long range shot. Getting space in the offensive third of the field is close to impossible.

I've also found the game to be too sensitive, both in terms of ball physics and player positioning. Pysicality, of any sorts, seems out the window in this version.

I guess I'll just keep plugging away for a while, but I'm close approaching the point where I give up. The game just isn't much fun against the CPU. I'm beginning to look longingly at WE8LE, which sits on my shelf, waiting for me to come back to enjoy the good times gone by.
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