Have anyone changed the PK motions for WE9 yet?


League 2
6 August 2003
Toronto, Canada
As everyone with the game would know, it has two new PK motions added... the two runup motions from outside the box which looks more realistic than the default one! I don't think it effects the degree of success or anything like that, but it just looks much more like how most players take it. Has anyone changed players motion to 4 or 5 yet?

The list of motions:

1: Default... looks crap! Doesn't run up that much.
2: Signori style one step penalty... I've seen Pauleta and Popovic with this motion as well (I'm not sure if that's their real motion in actuality)
3: Figo slow stutter penalty... does any other player have this?
4: "confident" run up penalty... hops up before running up from outside the box, and blasts it.
5: regular run up penalty... runs up from outside the box... looks like how most players take PK's.

any recommendations on which motions I should change for which player? Like for a specific player? I don't remember how every player kick their penalty, so it'd be good if everyone can post how certain players (preferably more famous ones... regular PK takers for their team) take their PK's. Thanks :)
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