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Heated matches?



I just had a very messy match. It was a rematch. I had won the previous game as England against Brazil coming down from 0-2 to 4-2.

Now we start a new match with the same teams. And he fouls me twice in a very short time from the back when I am about to go alone against the goalie. And to add salt to my wounds, scored a goal in between the 2 ugly fouls. All he gets is a yellow card for each foul.

So I am mighty pissed and start playing dirty as well. But only in the midfield to not get any cards. It becomes 1-1. Then he takes again the lead 1-2. After some more match time it becomes 2-2.

At this stage the game is dirty. A lot of fouls, a lot of hard tackles. He against tackles me from the back and gets a 2nd yellow card. Ole! This is the 60th minute and atlast.I am very happy and play confidence. I have gone many matches from loosing to a win. I play with a lot of passes, moving my players up, and trying to find the small opening to dribble through or do a small through pass or get a nice opening to shoot.

Around 84th minute I score the winner. It all ended with him taking me off his friend list, I was going to do so as well at the end.

How do you cope with matches that go sour? Or where the other player starts playing dirty. Do you also start playing dirty? How much does it take for you to loose it?
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2 August 2003
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No you stay cool...remember its just a game :D

But nice to hear of stressful games he he... I get some of these at university however I usually end the game with a goal from around 35-40 yards each time :D


Hehe next time my supply will be plenty. This is my 2nd messy game out of 300 or so online matches :) puf.


19 June 2004
dont u hate when you get a crappy goal or og scored against you the the opposition sit and watch the replay.


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8 March 2004
Yeah, they watch the whoooooole celebration and then just skip the replay. It happens so often I usually get up for a stretch, have a drink, wait for the 5 second count down and continue.
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